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Semiconductor Solutions for Automotive Applications

At the embedded world 2018 Elmos is presenting motor and LED driver solutions. Possible applications include vehicle rear lights, ambient lighting in the vehicle interior and control of BLDC motors in the 48 V board network. You will find Elmos in Hall 3-341, at the booth of the distributor MEV Elektronik Service GmbH.

With the E522.90/91/92/93 ICs, Elmos is presenting a product family of LED controllers for use in automotive rear lighting. The E522.9x family has an output current of 14 mA to 55 mA per channel. Up to 165 mA/IC is possible in parallel operation. Patented power management ensures a constant lighting intensity of the LEDs even under difficult thermal conditions. A variable proportion of the incurred power loss is shifted to external shunts for this purpose, enabling even and effective heat distribution without hot spots on the PCB. Here the unique dual concept avoids an additional drop via the linear controller stage. With higher current (48-151 mA per channel or 450 mA in parallel operation) but otherwise the same unique features, Elmos has been supplying successfully the E522.8x product family for a long time.

The Elmos IC E521.36 enables a simple, variable, cost-efficient and very space-saving design of RGB LED modules for connection to a LIN-BUS. The device includes a MSP430 based 16-bit microcontroller with 32kbyte NVM, 128byte EEPROM, a LIN transceiver (up to LIN 2.2) with integrated BSM auto-addressing (bus shunt method), four current sources with up to 40 mA each and three 16-bit PWM generators. The 48 MHz PWM clock ensures full 16-bit color resolution at a 73 2Hz repetition rate, enabling flicker-free applications and meeting all known OEM requirements.

With the E523.52 IC, Elmos is presenting a fully integrated motor controller for brushless DC (BLDC) motors for 48 V electrical system. The E532.52 can be operated with a supply voltage of up to 72 V. It integrates a powerful 16-bit microcontroller with special motor controller hardware support. The IC controls 3 NMOS half bridges for motor powers up to approx. 1000 W. The integrated DC/DC buck converter is designed for voltages of 11 V / 100 mA for gate drivers and other loads. Furthermore, this chip also features various monitoring and diagnostics functions for the MosFets.

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