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Douglas Lighting Controls® Introduces DMX 4-Color Control (RGBW) Solution to Dialog® Family

Douglas Lighting Controls®, a member of the Panasonic family of companies, recently introduced the DMX 4-Color Control (RGBW) solution to their line of high-performance Dialog® framework. Designed for lobby and color change accent lighting applications, the new technology allows integration of 4-channel fixtures within Douglas Lighting Controls centralized lighting control system via WDB-RGB4.

"With today's interior designs and LED technology, every facility wants a splash of color to change things up and add visual interest to the space.  You no longer have to add a separate expensive system to achieve eye catching color effects in smaller spaces," said Anthony Lee, Product Manager. "We are excited to offer our clients the DMX 4-Color Control (RGBW) as an expansion of our Dialog Centralized Control system, allowing them to manage and control their total installation simply and easily."

The DMX 4-Color Control (RGBW) allows up to four zones of RGBW control, providing color tuning through the WDB-RGB4. The WDB-RGB4 is a Dialog panel that takes in signals from the Dialog system and sends commands to DMX512 enabled fixtures. Each fixture is controlled by four sequential DMX addresses which allows customers to control simple color accents in their spaces.  

The product also includes digitally accessible points, allowing users to control and create impressive installations with ease via the Dialog Centralized Control system. This includes functionalities such as color tuned scenes, time scheduled sequences and fade rates.

The Dialog system offers advanced digital lighting control solutions by connecting and controlling lights through relays, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, ballasts and/or drivers, and switch stations and manages facility lighting requirements globally, or by area, or by room. The flexibility and true scalability of the Dialog system easily allows it to be used in a variety of applications from small commercial buildings to large facilities.

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About Douglas Lighting Controls:

Douglas Lighting Controls, a member of the Panasonic group and a subsidiary of Panasonic Lighting Americas Inc., engineers, manufactures and markets digital lighting controls for commercial buildings, campuses, parking garages and sports complexes across North America. Douglas systems include networked and stand-alone solutions using wired and wireless technology to optimize lighting for building code compliance, energy efficiency, ease-of-use and comfort. With over 50 years of experience, the company is recognized for its expertise in lighting control systems paired with the precise facility solution. Learn more about Douglas at


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