News-Spot | Lighting Applications | Aug 30, 2013

SLT Asia Installs Southeast Asia's Largest Commercial OLED Installation

SLT Asia, bespoke entertainment solutions specialist, has completed the largest Organic LED (OLED) installation in Southeast Asia. The dazzling display of 1,680 Philips Lumiblade GL26 tiles was installed in Providence, the Kuala Lumpur VIP club which opened in July.

The OLEDs are both visually stunning and functional, offering an atmosphere never seen before in a commercial establishment. The OLEDs are engineered to move in rhythm with the music, meeting the need for dynamic lighting that illuminates well.

A young technology, OLED is still limited in its adoption owing to cost barriers. Nonetheless, SLT Asia was able to lower Providence’s project cost significantly.

“This installation balances technical skill and artistic finesse. Providence asked us if we could build the OLED system at an economical price. Owing to our solid and reliable engineering, we delivered the installation at a quarter the typical cost,” says SLT Asia Managing Director Sebastien Jurkowski.

Ashwin Prakash, Providence’s owner says: “When we saw OLEDs in action we knew it was wildly different and a perfect centrepiece to complement Providence’s VIP clubbing experience. It is an investment that few would make but we believe in adopting new technologies in our clubs to enhance the VIP experience. Our guests are enamoured by the lights.”

With time, OLEDs will become more efficient, larger, and brighter. According to Philips, Asia is a market hotspot that has been quick to adopt OLEDs.

“The installation at the club is a very good example that the owner has understood what OLED lighting offers and what can be done with it. The theme was ‘shaping light in the air’ which could only have been possible with OLEDs,” says Philips Lumiblade spokesperson Dietmar Thomas.

About SLT Asia:
SLT Asia is a South-east Asian based entertainment solutions company. With our team of passionate lighting designers, programmers and technicians; we provide technology for the entertainment and live art industry, including festivals. Our product range includes lighting controllers, spotlights and media servers. We also provide technical training, support, design and consultancy services.

About Providence VIP Club:
Providence VIP Club is KL’s newest and most exciting venue for luxe, and luminous entertainment. Located at the Intermark, Providence brings a lavish experience to KL’s affluent class.

About Philips Lumiblade:
Philips Lumiblade brings an entirely new form of light. From a 1.8mm thick tile, the Lumiblade OLED is characterised by pleasant, non-dazzling light with a quality other light sources and systems cannot achieve
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