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Oreon Introduces Oreon Grow Light Extended Voltage at GreenTech2018

Oreon, Dutch manufacturer of high quality LED fixtures for greenhouse horticulture, are presenting their Oreon Grow Light Extended Voltage fixture during GreenTech2018 (12 to 14 June 2018) in Amsterdam's RAI. The new water-cooled LED grow light can be connected to a 220-480 V power supply in a greenhouse.

Extended voltage

With its higher voltage the new LED fixture can be used in an existing 400 VAC installation (480 VAC in North America). Growers will benefit from the lower installation costs achieved by switching from HPS lighting to sustainable LED lighting. The new lamp has been produced in close collaboration with driver manufacturers Mean Well. "We have worked with Mean Well for 10 years now, and we were delighted that they were able to fast track the development of the driver for our lamp" says Twan Mennink, Oreon's CTO.

Increased light output

The light output from each fixtures rises to 1790 uMol/s with the introduction of this new lamp, while efficiency remains as high as before, making the Oreon Grow Light 2.2 EV a worthy replacement for the 1000W HPS lamp. The lamp can be supplied with 2 different lenses, a specially developed "batwing" wide angle lens which helps achieve crop uniformity even at shorter distances and a narrow-angled "deep beamer".

Water-cooled lamps

All Oreon's LED fixtures are water cooled, delivering highly efficient illumination without heating up the greenhouse. Water cooling provides growers with complete control of the climate in the greenhouse as well as the cultivation strategy. This means that the lamps can be used throughout the year. Less cooling and ventilation is required, resulting in improved CO2 values and other benefits. High output from a compact fixture means fewer lamps are required and there is less shading. The end result is high quality yields right through the year, with reduced energy costs.

For additional information, please visit www.oreon-led.com, or you can find Oreon on stand 12.216 at GreenTech2018. - www.greentech.nl

About Oreon:

Oreon is a Dutch innovative developer and manufacturer of high-tech LED grow lights for greenhouse horticulture. Oreon started its research into, and intensive testing of, the fixtures and technology more than ten years ago. The first commercial project with water-cooled LED fixtures was installed in a greenhouse in 2009. Now Oreon’s LED fixtures are used right across the world in greenhouse horticulture, above a variety of different crops. Oreon stands for innovation, quality and flexibility. Our mission is to offer growers specific LED lighting solutions, in order to further optimise their growth and business case. In addition to the constant development of the market potential and increasing demand for artificial lighting, Oreon works closely together with reputable parties right across the world.