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16east LED Light Expands Assortment by Powerful LED Bulb with the Brilliance of an Incandescent Lamp

“Thanks to our continuous development work we are the first provider to bring a bright LED lamp with clear glass and the pleasant light of a light bulb onto the market”, says Stephan Seitz, founder and managing director of Seitz Smart Technologies with the brand 16east LED Light. The new LED bulb with a consumption of 7 watts/450 lumens, which is equivalent to a 40 watt light bulb, is the latest product from the 16east LED Light research department. The clear 16east LED bulb as an equivalent for 60 watt bulbs shall follow in the first quarter of 2012. The development of a 100 watt equivalent is in progress. The 16east Retrofit LED lamps stem from an in-house development which is being promoted by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

Brilliant light:
The small, bright ball of light and the optics of the clear 16east LED bulbs and candles enable brilliant light similar to that of a small, bright filament of a classic light bulb. As a result, they are also suitable for application in crystal chandeliers, where they generate the brilliance and “fire” of crystals and make surfaces glisten. Low-quality LEDs and energy-saving lamps cannot generate brilliant light. They emit a cold, diffuse light which lacks “shadiness”.  Their light does not allow the illuminated objects to cast clear shadows.
“Due to the small dimension of the scattering ball of light inside the clear bulb, the 16east LED lamp generates a brilliant light that is not possible through LED lamps with a matt surface”, says Mag. Christian Anselm (MSc), member of the management of Bartenbach LichtLabor, a cooperation partner of 16east LED Light for the development of optics.

New in the product line - low-priced matt LED bulb as a replacement for 60 watt bulbs:
“I am pleased that starting in 2012 we will be able to offer a high-quality matt LED bulb with pleasant warm light at a very attractive price. As a result, this future technology will be affordable for everyone”, says Stephan Seitz about the expansion of the product line. The price of the new fully dimmable 16east 12 watt/806 lumens LED bulb with all-round radiation, which replaces 60 watt bulbs, approximates the price of a comparable energy-saving lamp. “16east LED Light stands for high quality at a good price”, emphasises Stephan Seitz. “With the new 60 watt equivalent we have already come very close to the price of a comparable energy-saving lamp.”

Patented optics and full dimmability:
Due to the patent ball of light, the 16east LED bulb provides a pleasant, warm light and illumination as it is known from a light bulb. Good light distribution with 300 degree all-round radiation is important for the illumination of lampshades or ceiling lamps. “The development of optics was the greatest challenge for us. As a result, we are able to offer bright LED candles and bulbs with pleasant light colour and all-round radiation”, says Stephan Seitz.
The light for light bulbs is the measure of things for the development of LED lamps. The pleasant, warm light colour with a colour temperature of ca. 2,700 Kelvin and a natural looking colour gradient when dimming are important features of the 16east LED bulb. 16east LED Light provides LEDs which are fully dimmable and enable the accustomed continuous adjustment of illumination level. But in contrast to light bulbs they enable an energy saving of 85 %.

Project business:
The energy-efficient and long-lived LEDs are well-suited for large building complexes such as hotels. The low maintenance costs due to rare replacement are also decisive here. “We are already in talks with several hotel chains and offer special LED solutions for this target group”, says Stephan Seitz. In the project business, for example, the 16east GU 5.3 LED spot with its pleasant, warm light and full dimmability with virtually all conventional lighting systems is frequently utilised in hotels.

Sustainable in production and use:
In addition to the low power consumption, the LED is more environmentally friendly in the sphere of disposal in comparison with energy-saving lamps, since it does not contain any problematic substances such as mercury. Even now the LED is very economical in terms of CO2 emission, whereby 10 % of the CO2 will be generated during production and recycling and about 90 % during use. And high-quality LEDs have a lifespan of several years.

Quality criteria for LEDs:
• Natural warm light colour (ca. 2,700 Kelvin)
• Uniform light propagation (300 degree)
• High lifespan (ca. 20,000 hours)
• Flicker-free, continuously fully dimmable
• Accustomed form: candle, bulb or spot
• Small electronics, small socket

You will find visual material and the complete 16east LED product line at

About 16east LED Light:
16east LED Light is a brand of Seitz Smart Technologies and provides a complete product line of over 120 different LED lamps from partially in-house development. For six years 16east has already developed LED lamps for indoors for all existing standard sockets in the form of bulbs, candles as well as halogen spots which can be utilised without additional expenditure as replacement for light bulbs and conventional energy-saving lamps in offices and private households. The 4D-LED Lighting Project from LED Light for development of more efficient LEDs is being promoted by FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) and speaks for the company’s sustainable technical competence.
LED lamps from 16east are available for sale via the construction trade and foodstuff retailers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Slovenia as well as in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and are also distributed for retailers via the online dealer portal on the 16east website at