Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

ACDC's New Range of Downlights Offer Massive Savings on Energy

With two brand new additions to the award-winning LED downlight range, again boasting industry-leading performance and design, ACDC now offers one of the most comprehensive selections of halogen replacement luminaires available.

The downlight portfolio includes a range of low glare technical architectural LED downlights capable of delivering lighting performance equivalent to 35 and 50 Watt halogen utilising only 10 or 20 Watts respectively (in warm white).  Designed around the LED source itself, these products deliver an outstanding lighting package from a deep recessed luminaire, with the incredibly sleek and smooth soft front creating a pseudo trimless detail, which blends seamlessly into the design.

Not only are the luminaires beautifully designed and crafted, they are expertly engineered to ensure outstanding lifetime performance.  The luminaires are designed round complex heat sink structures to dissipate the heat away from the LED, with the Evolution range utilising revolutionary thermo dynamic technology and liquid cooling, to maintaining the product lifetime and performance.  The whole range delivers 50,000 hour lifetime to 70% lumen maintenance, and this along with the energy saving benefits of the product enables a 2 year payback on total cost of ownership, when compared to halogen equivalents.

The product ranges include Storm, a fixed downlight with 35 Watt halogen output and the Hurricane family, with either 35 or 50 Watt halogen equivalent, fixed or adjustable downlight with lockable tilt and rotate mechanism. ACDC’s acclaimed Devil Engine is at the heart of each luminaire with a choice of 4 interchangeable optics, although the Xicato LED engine can also be specified for a fixed 40 degree beam.  These products also feature a clever pivot mechanism, which delivers all the light from the luminaire, even when fully adjusted and, along with the ultra efficient optics, deliver significantly better performance than any other downlights available.

To help demonstrate just how much money and energy can be saved with the fitting of halogen replacement LED downlighters, ACDC has created a revolutionary ‘Payback Calculator’. Showing, through just a small set of questions, how little time it actually takes to recoup an investment in halogen replacement LED luminaires, the Payback Calculator can be found in the Downloads section of the ACDC website.