Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

Advanced Lumonics Introduces EarthLED ZetaLux and Enhanced EvoLux

Advanced Lumonics introduces EarthLED ZetaLux a new, low cost, direct replacement LED Light bulb that uses only 7 watts. ZetaLux offers advanced features that make it ideal for use in general lighting applications.

Following on the success of the EvoLux launch earlier this year, the EarthLED ZetaLux LED light bulb offers a price/performance ratio unmatched in the industry. The ZetaLux only consumes 7 watts yet offers performance comparable to a 50-60 watt light bulb. With a price of under $50 USD, the ZetaLux offers an unprecedented payback time of just over 2 years when operated 8 hours per day.
ZetaLux is built upon the latest LED engine technology from CREE® allowing for amazing efficiency, high output and a new benchmark in Color Rendering Index (CRI) performance. CRI is a a good way to determine the quality of light and its faithfulness to render colors correctly, EvoLux features a a CRI of 75 for cool white and 80 for Warm White making them exceptional for LED Light Bulbs.
The ZetaLux has been designed to the most exacting standards of any LED light bulb currently on the market. From its oversized aluminum heat sink to its flame retardant plastic, to its shatter proof lens, the ZetaLux is built to perform safely and efficiently for over 50,000 hours. The ZetaLux's rugged design also allows it to perform under the harshest conditions including frigid -50 degree frost all the way up to scorching 180 degree heat with 95% humidity.
Advanced Lumonics is also announcing enhanced versions of their successful EvoLux line. All EvoLux bulbs now feature lumen outputs exceeding 1000 Lumens along with a higher CRI and even greater efficiency. These enhancements further cement the position of EvoLux as the most advanced direct replacement LED light bulb on the market today. The ZetaLux along with the new enhanced EvoLux will be among the first direct replacement LED light bulbs to achieve UL certification later this year along with compliance with new DOE EnergyStar standards for LED lighting in 2009.
Both ZetaLux and enhanced EvoLux are available today from The EarthLED Store and Advanced Lumonics distribution partners.
The new ZetaLux and enhanced EvoLux join a fresh new lineup of EarthLED LED Lighting products for 2009 including:
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For additional information on EarthLED ZetaLux visit: EarthLED ZetaLux LED Light Bulbs   
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For information on the rest of the EarthLED LED lighting products range please visit - LED Light Bulbs or call 1-877-855-1625.
About Advanced Lumonics, LLC:
Boca Raton, FL based Advanced Lumonics, LLC is an early leader in the direct replacement LED lighting market. Through their popular EarthLED brand, Advanced Lumonics has rapidly increased awareness of LED lighting as a true alternative to CFL and incandescents in the consumer marketplace by offering the highest performance direct replacement LED lighting available.