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Alliance Between Formalighting, LensVector and Casambi Takes LED Lighting to the Next Level

Formalighting, a leader in motorised architectural lighting products, has introduced luminaires that make aiming, directing, and shaping light easier and faster to configure and adjust. Working together with LensVector, a specialist in Dynamic Beam Shaping™ technology and Casambi, the market-leading developer of wireless lighting control systems based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), formalighting’s new luminaires prove the longstanding expectation, that solid-state lighting capabilities will exceed those of the previous generation of light sources.

Michael Monsonego, General Manager of formalighting, commented: "We are delighted to be introducing the world’s first motorised luminaire with LensVector’s Dynamic Beam Shaping and Casambi’s smart wireless control technology. We believe in utilizing the most exciting new technologies to address the design challenges faced by lighting professionals."

For the first time, lighting designers and electrical consultants can effortlessly add new lighting effects to projects by using the new fixtures in formalighting’s MOTOLUX range. The integrated technology within the motorised luminaires offers smart control over the beam angle, movements of the fixture, as well as the intensity and the white colour tuning of the light.

LensVector’s Dynamic Beam Shaping technology turns liquid crystal molecules into a series of modifiable micro-lenses. The technology delivers unmatched precision beams and dynamic dramatic effects. It allows the beam from MOTOLUX luminaires to be adjusted along a continuum from a less-than-ten-degree narrow spot angle to a very wide 50-degree flood, flowing fluidly through all the all points in between.

Casambi’s wireless control technology enables lighting designers to take advantage of the full featured professional lighting control platform Casambi provides as well as the fast-growing range of "Casambi ready" control devices (including sensors and switches) from an ever-growing list of leading manufacturers.

Brent York, President and CEO of LensVector, commented: "The marriage of great design and technology allows MOTOLUX users to precisely control the beam of light in a simple and convenient manner via Bluetooth app on their smartphone. We’re excited to see how the LensVector technology is being applied to add value to LED luminaires."

Casambi’s CEO Timo Pakkala commented: "Casambi’s market-leading position in wireless lighting control is demonstrated by this innovative lighting collaboration with formalighting and LensVector. MOTOLUX is part of the growing community of Casambi-ready connected luminaires and supporting digital devices for professional lighting schemes used in retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and hotels, among other venues."

Created for environments needing frequent scene changes, MOTOLUX motorised fixtures will quickly and easily re-configure a space to meet the demanding requirements of end users. Eliminating the need for ladders and scissor lifts, the MOTOLUX range of track, pendant and recessed fixtures can pan and tilt, dim, dim to warm and change colour temperature on command. They can be controlled individually or in groups with no special equipment, giving users a level of control and time savings that translate to cost savings.

The MOTOLUX product range from formalighting is available to buy now. For more information or to request an evaluation, visit:

About Formalighting:

Formalighting is a leading manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures. The Italian family-run business still conveys the importance of integrity and personal service within its business culture. formalighting develops unique relationships with lighting designers, architects, distributors, project managers and suppliers, as well as end-users, developers and hotel groups. Founded in the 1960s and spearheaded by a personable founding partner, Lorenzo Maghnagi, the company’s passion for Italian design and lighting is embedded in formalighting’s DNA. The company was one of the first European lighting companies to open its own, wholly managed ISO-certified factory in China by the late 1990s, and in recent years, was one of the first lighting companies to incorporate dynamic beam-shaping technology and IoT-compatible sensors into its Italian-designed architectural lighting fixtures. For more information, visit

About LensVector:

Based in San Jose, California, LensVector brings revolutionary new features to connected lighting by shaping and steering light using dynamic molecular optical technology. LensVector’s breakthrough technology allows dynamic light shaping, controlled from a mobile device. Initial products, developed with some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, will allow dynamic control of beam shape from spot to flood in LensVector-equipped track and down-lighting luminaires. For more information, visit

About Casambi:

Founded in 2011, Casambi’s wireless lighting control software platform empowers users of smart devices to interact effortlessly with modern lighting around them. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the award-winning Casambi solution delivers a dynamic user experience, exceptional reliability and unrivalled performance. From basic, individual lighting-fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring and data logging, Casambi’s technology can be easily integrated at low cost into lighting fixtures, drivers and modules. Additionally, installations can gain advanced lighting control functionality with minimal hardware and deployment outlay. Casambi develops its products in Finland and has a growing sales and support service across Europe, North America and Asia. For more information, visit