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ALT Adds MR16 Lamp Version Using Osram Duris® S8 LEDs

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc (ALT) today announced the addition of a new MR16 product, employing OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ high powered, multi-chip LED Duris® S8, which uses a new unique proprietary design. For the launch of this new chip, OSRAM has selected ALT, specifically, because of ALT's unique product designs which boast some of the longest lifespans on the market, to be its launch partner. ALT is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to receive Osram’s sample and one of the few LED companies that Osram is collaborating with.

ALT’s MR16 products have all adopted Glacier Edge™ technology - the company’s patented aluminum heat dissipation design - using 48 pure-aluminum fins to optimize the heat dissipation area. An increased heat dissipation area will enhance the transfer of heat generated from the LED chips into the air, thus raising product stability. Moreover, while most other brands use die casting heat sink, ALT uses 100% pure aluminum, which has better thermal conductivity - raising thermal management performance.  The new MR16 series with Osram’s Duris S8 chipset will continue to use the superior Glacier Edge™ heat sink design that has been proven over the years with hundreds of thousands of MR16s installed globally without issues.

The Asteria retrofit MR16 products are ideal for general business and decorative lighting purpose, including shop lighting, hotel lighting, and commercial applications. They can be simply installed within the showcase of a boutique or store. The lights can function perfectly in all types of environments from -20~40°C . Also, the Asteria MR16 series can easily reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, lowering cost of business and helping the environment. The Asteria MR16 series has won multiple international awards such as M Technology Award, iF Product Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and Good Design Award. It is also interior designers’ and five-star hotels’ first choice in lighting.

Osram’s Duris® S8 LED chip, measuring only 5.8 x 5.2 mm, emits a large amount of light reaching 500lm. It also adopts an innovative plastic material that is resistant to aging under high temperatures, making it the ideal light source for spotlights, such as the Asteria MR16. The Asteria MR16 series’ workmanship, construction and top-grade components are leagues above the competition.  ALT’s mission has always been to continue improving its lighting products using only the best quality chips from reputable leading manufacturers. Partnering up with Osram’s new chip is another opportunity to provide better LED lighting for its ever-growing customer base.

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