Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 19, 2014

ALTLED® T8 Tubes New Option - Linear Fresnel Lens

To better serve ALT’s customers, ALT has adopted the use of linear Fresnel lens for the ALTLED® T8 tube series. Fresnel lens has the ability to effectively collect and concentrate a significant portion of the lamp's overall light output and direct it as a tight beam. Alternatively they can be used to collimate a linear lightsource (such as a strip of LEDs).

Using the Fresnel lens for LED T8 tube with smaller chipsets has an advantage over frosted lens due to decreased loss of brightness. Most consumers do not like the visible chips in an LED T8 tube, thus manufacturers would either semi-frost or fully-frost the tube to cause a blurring effect of the chips, hoping to reduce the apparent LED chips within the tube. However, frosting the lens causes a lot of brightness to diminish. Alternatively, a Fresnel lens can capture more oblique light from a light source, thus allowing lesser light to become waste.

The effect of linear Fresnel lens is hardly the equivalent of conventional fluorescent T8 tubes, however its appearance is equally appealing as it creates a nice and clean line of directional light perfect for office or commercial usage. Furthermore, ALTLED’s T8 tubes are non-flickering and together with the Fresnel lens it can also be non-glare. Therefore this new option provides customers the option to buy energy-saving LED T8 tubes without sacrificing aesthetics and safety.

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