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ALTLED T500 Floodlights

ALT, Aeon Lighting Technology recently announced the new 500 watts floodlight prototype. The high wattage LED lights, reaching 58,000 lumens are expected to replace traditional HIDs that are over 1000 watts. They can also be customized for specialized applications, including extreme environments that reach -65℃.

Main Applications:
•    Architectural lighting
•    Indoor/outdoor stadium lighting
•    High-way lighting Freeway (Highway)
•    High-mast lighting
•    Factory/workshop lighting
•    Park and other large-scale outdoor lighting
•    Cargo ship lighting

•    High performance with Cree XT-E LED with lumen output up to 58,000lm
•    Up to 500W as a direct replacement of 1000~1500 HID
•    Stainless steel mounting harp for vibration resistance design for higher mounting heights.
•    LED lens module is UV-resistant, impact resistant polycarbonate
•    Patented heat dissipation and military grade A-class driver allowing product to work in extreme environments, down to -65℃
•    Available in 2200K or CRI 95
•    Fall-proof device for ensured safety: 60 cm long steel chain for enhancing structural firmness between fixing points
•    IP68 Rated
•    Best color uniformity

ALT announced the T200 and T500 floodlight, brightness reaching 21,000 and 58,000 lumens, respectively for true white. These high wattage LED floodlights with CREE XT-E, are expected to completely replace traditional HIDs that are over 1000 watts. Completely waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosion, the T200 and T500 are rated IP68 and have the option of installing an anti-fall device, which further guarantees safety for industrial usage. They also come with a high CRI of 95, which is uncommon but preferred for certain architectural or venues requiring aesthetic purposes such as cathedrals, hotels and central plazas. Small beam angles are expected to have strong penetration of light. The new ALTLED® flood lights not only provide uniform brightness for improved vision, but also bring out the true colors of the objects and environments illuminated.

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About Aeon Lighting Technology:
Established in 2007, Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. is an extremely successful company that manufactures premium quality lamps that are innovative, eco-friendly, and energy saving using cutting-edge LED technology. With outstanding quality control and unique heat dissipation designs obtained from our parent company,