Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

American DJ Introduces "Pro" Series 10mm LED Par Cans And Stage Wash Effect

American DJ has taken the LED par can to a new level of brightness and professionalism. With the introduction of its new "Pro" Series — which includes the 64B LED Pro par can, 64P LED Pro par can and Punch LED Pro color wash — the company has brought the awe-inspiring power of 10mm LEDs to musicians and stage productions everywhere.

The 64B LED Pro black-finish par can and 64P LED Pro silver-polish par can are equipped with 181 extremely bright 10mm LEDs (36 red, 85 green and 60 blue) that combine to create smooth palettes of color. Identical in every way except for their sleek exterior finishes, these par cans are flexible enough to be used as spotlights or uplights. A convenient dual bracket system allows them to be hung securely or set squarely on the ground.

The Punch LED Pro neatly complements the two "Pro" Series par cans by functioning as a wall wash effect with fast or slow color change operation. Featuring an ultra-bright Punch Panel with 252 powerful 10mm LEDs (81 red, 81 green and 90 blue) for extra "punch," the Punch Pro LED creates long washes of color that serve as stunning backgrounds for performances of all sorts and sizes.

"Whether you are in a band, part of a stage performance or just want to add background color washes to an installation, our new `Pro` Series is the perfect stage lighting solution," said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. "Thanks to their super-bright 10mm LEDs and professional features, these three fixtures will brilliantly light up any performance environment with rich, vibrant color."

In addition to smooth RBG color mixing, the 64B LED Pro, 64P LED Pro and Punch LED Pro all benefit from the many advantages offered by LED lighting. The fixtures emit almost no heat on stage, making them ideal for live productions where performers need to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. They`re also extremely energy-efficient and economical, as they consume very little power compared to traditional par cans and color wash effects. Rated at 100,000 hours, their long-life LEDs will last for years before they ever need replacing.

American DJ "Pro" Series fixtures operate in seven modes, including two DMX modes (3-channel or 6-channel) for the ultimate in user control. One major highlight of the series is an LED Sync feature, which automatically syncs up the operational modes of all three fixtures when linked together via 3-pin XLR cables. A user-friendly 3-digit LED display located on the rear panel on each unit makes them incredibly easy to operate in any mode

"When used together, the `Pro` Series fixtures make quite a sophisticated stage lighting ensemble," Davies said. "The LED Sync feature makes it easy to do this."

Other professional features of the "Pro" Series par cans and color wash include a stunning color strobe effect, plus full electronic dimming from 0 - 100 percent. The 64B LED Pro and 64P LED Pro each measure 12.25"L x 9"W x 9"H. Each par can weighs only 6 lbs. The suggested retail price of the 64B LED Pro is $399.95. The suggested retail price of the 64P LED Pro is also $399.95.

The Punch LED Pro color wash is 18.25"L x 8"W x 5"H and weighs 11 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Punch LED Pro is $399.95.