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ASK Albalight Introduces Updated Venus Q 60

Among the various products that ASK Albalight produces and presented as a novelty at the last Euroluce, 2013, there is a new version of its ultra-thin ceiling diffused light: Venus Q 60.

The Venus is an exceptional product for both its painstaking finish and the quality of the components with which it’s built, and enjoys the brand: made in Italy. The technical Specifications are extraordinary:  42w power has a yield of 4500 K with 3050 Lmn, but especially the uniform distribution of light. This in particular, completely eliminates the risk of glare or eyestrain typical of traditional lamps: where the light emission is concentrated on a narrow surface.
Offices, waiting rooms, laboratories, schools, conference rooms, training rooms, public halls, libraries, shops and all those places where the visual health is a fundamental element, Venus finds it’s space. The Q 60 is available in two color variations: warm and natural high color rendering, and in different forms to suit the needs of the environment to be illuminated with numerous accessories to allow installation or customization.

The success of Venus was found by the attention, professionalism and talent combined with the experience with which it is built. Obviously the Italian quality is the added value that the product warrants and the thread that ties all stages of creation and production of the lamp. The design, the search for forms and materials, a continuously evolving tradition: ASK started from here, to get to the definition of a unique creative process, of an excellent quality that is recognized by the market.

The company's philosophy, to maintain a constant high level of quality, is the daughter of the legacy of the Italian prestige that has always, in the world, is synonymous with excellence and recognition. Spirit of research, innovation and technological study on LED: light becomes undisputed leader and our creations are a great way to blend in with your emotions, as well as give you an advantage in terms of cost and absolute respect for the environment.

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About ASK SpA &  Albalight:
Ask is a historic company that is engaged in the distribution of  photovoltaic panel and accessories more over 10 years.
In 2011 he originated the brand Albalight, with which manufactures a wide range of lighting 'technical' products, brand made in Italy, with solutions for offices, warehouses, hotels, shops, large areas, supermarkets, public facilities and road solutions (also off grid).
One of the main features of the products Albalight, in addition to the production in Italy is the origin of the power supplies: European ENEC certified, which guarantee due to the quality of the components, performance and reliability always constant over time.
Another important characteristic of the Albalight products are the uniformity of the light emitted from the light fixtures recessed indirect light. These in fact, guarantee a continuous light in every point and in a perfectly uniform way: it’s the result of research and design of the Albalight, engineering . Whose products dominate the market of technical lighting at competitive prices, while maintaining a high quality.
Albalight, besides the production of elements of LED lighting for indoor, also sells LED lights for street lighting, with a power range from 65 W to 140 W. Today a must for public administrations aimed at energy saving, which is between 40 and 70% of energy consumed less, according to the replacement of traditional lamp or an old lamp low power, now today clearly exceeded by the LED technology.
The quality of the LED used by Albalight Spa-ASK-brand, also ensures a long life that goes well beyond the 50,000 hours of operation, and integrated power supply, in housing and all components used for the assembly of its products , guaranteed for 3 years from Ask, ensure a long-lasting than the average products on the market today.
Albalight can also provide a wide range of standard power voltage or current, with control functions (Dimmer) and management (Dali, DMX) or integrated with external systems can increase energy savings and increase the return on investment, such example: presence sensors that reduce the light by 70% and beyond, in the areas of inactivity or remote control systems and timing of ambient lighting. Of these products is to highlight the easy of installation and the complete lack of maintenance.
Albalight, in addition to providing a quality product, which upon request can be also produced in greater than 90 CRI, is a company that takes advantage of the most important certifications and especially following the regulations low, which are constantly changing.
OEM solutions are presented by Albalight, thanks to the support of the technical staff of the highest level. As a final project has developed, for example, the lamps are able to change color from warm to cool through a particular management of the LED.
ASK is also a company's production of "Printed Circuit Board" (PCB), the plant  of Solaro (MI), thanks to modern machines used for the production of molds for LED circuits, is in full swing and integrates million LED for various applications. Not only, but the mix between the use of the latest machinery, responsibilities of engineers, assisted by skilled workers and the resourcefulness of management, does that periodically rise to new products, more efficient, to be included in the catalog Albalight.
These are just some of the secrets that position ASK, like a major player on the international scene on the LED  world and its innovations. Ask is proud to contribute to the environment, and want to be considered "environmentally friendly", both for the characteristics of its products to their method of production: respectful of all rules and environmental rules today severity. Fundamental point of ASK on which is always demanding, convinced that it is only right to deliver a clean world in the hands of future generations. In part this is also credited with Albalight ASK SpA.
In the future will be presented brand new lighting elements to adopt a more practical and effective marvelous light LED.


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