Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 30, 2010

Astera’s Wireless LED Event Lights Now Shipping

Astera, manufacturer of high-tech LED solutions, now offers his product range of wireless LED lights and controllers to the public. After an initial testing-phase the LED fixtures have proven reliable and without battery-problems or long-term shortcomings and the company has started mass-production.

The wireless event fixtures are powered by rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries, with 8-24 hours of runtime. A built-in radio frequency receiver enables the reception of wireless signals from up to 300m (1000ft) distance. The lighting fixtures are driven by RF remote control that customizes colors and program and can also group and synchronizes large setups of LED lamps. In addition, a wireless DMX transmitter can be connected to any DMX controller so the DMX signal can be sent Astera’s lamps.

Wireless LED lamps are especially useful in the event business as they minimize time for set-up and breaking down of lighting fixtures. Outdoor events, weddings, shows and stage performances all benefit from quick and uncomplicated lighting solutions. A cordless lighting setup makes it possible to illuminate remote areas as well as tables and other freestanding objects where cables would be disturbing.

Astera’s products range from small decorative LED lights for table decoration to large outdoor spotlamps. Most standard LED event products like LED PAR cans, wallwashers, etc are available but feature the additional battery and RF modules other companies don’t offer. “The company is trying to offer wireless LED products for every possible occasion” as Astera’s CEO Norbert Ernst puts it.

About Astera-LED:
Astera-LED is a leading company for development and production of LED-products in Germany. Due to long experience and a large amount of realized projects the company’s solutions are reliable and with a good cost-performance ratio. Astera targets event companies as well as for architectural and lighting design companies. Because of close connections to suppliers of LED-components and -product as well as maintaining its own workshop with quality assurance in south China, Astera also sources standard products which can be integrated into their lighting systems.