Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 21, 2010

Aurora & Ledzworld Technology Unveil Future in LED Lighting with New Retrofit LED Series

Aurora Lighting now offers innovative new lamps that combine the warm colors, light output and atmosphere of traditional lighting with the energy-savings of LED.

Aurora Lighting has announced an exclusive partnership with Ledzworld Technology, becoming European distributor for a new line of professional LED solutions: the result of a number of cutting-edge innovations in LED technology.

The new lamp series has been developed in the Netherlands and Malaysia and comprises an array of halogen and incandescent lamp replacements.

What distinguishes these lamps from other LED products is a combination of the high efficiency and long life of LED with the warm colour temperature, similar light output and smooth dimming capabilities of traditional lighting technology.

This specific combination of features makes the Ledzworld lamps one of the most effective replacements for incandescent and halogen lamps.

The Ledzworld CTA Bulb received the 2010 Light Fair International Innovation award this month for the best conventional lamps product, outperforming contestants like Osram, Philips, GE and Megaman.

Ledzworld developed and patented a dimming feature - ´Colour Temperature Adjusted (CTA) dimming´. This ground breaking innovation has been enabled by sophisticated electronics that warm the colour temperature of the lamp as it is dimmed.

These new dimming possibilities offer the user greater control over their environment. 

The custom built electronics used in the lamps support a high power-factor of up to 0.93. This is higher than any other LED lamp on the market today.

The high power factor minimizes reactive power (VAr), a problem that many LED installations still struggle with. Furthermore these products consume 80-90 per cent less energy than equivalent traditional lamps and up to 50 per cent less than average electricity saving lamps (compact fluorescent also known as CFL).

Ledzworld´s sophisticated built-in Temperature Control System (TCS) protects the critical electronic components in the lamp from overheating, allowing a lifetime of at least 35,000 hours.

"People become increasingly aware of the fact that the right lighting can perform wonders for an interior, whether we are talking about a living room, office building, shop floor or hotel lobby", says Jan Kemeling from Ledzworld. "We have developed these lamps with the idea that nice, warm lighting, beautiful colors and an attractive design can go very well with the energy-efficiency and longer lifetime of LED. With this new line we are sure to convince even the most critical end-users that LED can definitely be an excellent alternative for traditional decorative lighting."

Kevin Bell, executive director of Aurora, said: “Ledzworld is one of the best globally and they have chosen to work with us on an European-wide distribution basis, not least because our values are so closely aligned.”

“We both believe in giving the industry access to great products as quickly as possible, so they always have the latest technology at their fingertips.”

“As a respected R&D business in our own right, as well as a lighting manufacturer, distributor and consultancy, Aurora understands the complete process and our products stand out from the rest because of it. That’s why our partnership with Ledzworld is so strong.”

For more information on the Ledzworld range, visit or for a brochure call 0870 444 1106.

About Aurora Lighting:
Aurora Lighting is a dynamic, international manufacturing, distribution and marketing organisation. Since 1999 the Aurora Group has provided innovative lighting solutions under the ‘Aurora’, ‘A2’, ‘Luna’, ‘Sola’, & ‘Aura’ brands directly through their group. Companies in the UK, ROI, USA, UAE, Taiwan and China and on a worldwide basis through an expanding network of approved distributors. The Aurora group also continues to develop and manufacture lighting products on an OEM basis for customers in more than 35 countries. Aurora employs over 550 people at their offices in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, USA and at their sales & manufacturing facilities in mainland China.