Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 10, 2013

Blueboo Launches New 36W LED Street Lights with CREE XBD

The research and development department of Blueboo Lighting successfully designed a new 36W street light with original CREE XBD at the beginning of 2013. The new style with single-sided design has more advantages relative to the previous ones. For example, the part with embedded chips of lamp body can be rotated by 350°through a unique design concept. Moreover, new designed 36W LED street lights have higher light efficiency, higher brightness and higher illuminance compared with the former 36W LED street lights. More important, the new ones are more suitable for road lighting or street lighting with more concentrated light.

Blueboo Lighting is equipped with strength for heat dissipation design, DIY design, intelligent temperature control technology, infrared sensor technology and dimmable technology. The company can add intelligent technologies above to design some lighting products according to users' demands.  

All Blueboo LED lighting products have passed authentication such as CE, ROHS, LM79, ITACS, FCC, CCC, which make customers feel free to purchase Blueboo products. All Blueboo LED products are environmentally friendly products with green lighting and free maintenance by DIY design.

The new design means that Blueboo Lighting is always making efforts to purchase the development and upgrading of LED lighting products. Product design refers to the most strict industry standards, focusing on safety and high reliability.

Whenever we design a product, in addition to the most basic function in design, the most important is to feel this product with heart whether it can bring us extra extra value or not and to give it life! In Blueboo, the purpose that design a product is to improve people's living standards, touch their souls, and live a healthy and rich life.

Blueboo insists on "specialty, concentration and focus" as the management principle to offer customers "reasonable, reassuring and safe" products and services. Blueboo provides customers with more professional and satisfying products and services by continuous innovation to create higher value for our customers and partners.

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About Shenzhen Blueboo Lighting Co., LTD:
Shenzhen Blueboo Lighting Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Blueboo), established in November 2006, is a high-tech company that specializes in the design of LED lighting products, which is a leading company in the field of design, research and development of LED and LED lighting industry. Blueboo devotes itself to being service provider of overall LED lighting
solutions, providing customers with "reasonable, reassuring and safe" products and services. Blueboo takes customers as the starting point and provides customers products and services with high quality and reasonable price. Blueboo regards the needs of customers as the center, makes efforts to meet the customers' demands, and establishes a mutually beneficial good long-term and win-win relationship with customers.