Products, Materials + Tools | May 04, 2012

Blueboo Releases 15W LED AR111 with CREE XPG Lamp Beads

Blueboo always adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation to be a leader of overall solutions of LED lighting industry. It is proved that Blueboo continues to design and develop new products by scientific research team to bring more benefits for our partners and customers. Look! 15W AR111 with Cree XPG lamp beads is another new lighting product from Blueboo.

Blueboo lighting adopts original Cree XPG lamp beads to design 15w AR111 with high quality and high efficiency. The luminous flux of AR111 can reach 1000lm above with high brightness. Blueboo LED AR111 has various exquisite styles to offer customers defferent choices, which can create indoor lighting atmosphere with soft and elegant light to grace the atmosphere.

We know that LED AR111 is mainly used for special lighting to highlight appreciation of beauty and achieve the artistic effect, unique environment, abundant ideas, rich atmosphere, colorful profusion, etc. With no stroboflash, LED AR111 helps to protect eyes from fatigue. LED AR111 doesn't create dazzling light with precise light distribution. In view of cold light source, LED AR111 is safe and environmentally friendly. LED AR111 doesn't produce light pollution with unipolarity and no diffussion. LED AR111 has various exquisite styles to offer customers defferent choices.

AR111 with Cree XPG lamp beads have better heat dissipation and lower junction temperature than those lights with Cree XPE lamp beads. The junction temperature of XPG is below 6.5 and XPE with 9.5. We know that heat dissipation are closely related to junction temperature, namely, lower junction temperature means better heat dissipation, smaller light attenuation and longer lifespan. Moreover, 15w XPG AR111 has the advantage of superhigh light efficiency.

Blueboo 15w XPG AR111 can create indoor lighting atmosphere with soft and elegant light. With advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, perfect outlook, long lifespan, fast response, green environmental protection, and pollution-free function. LED XPG AR111 is widely used in cafes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, emporiums, meeting rooms, exhibitions, clothing store, etc.

About Blueboo:
As a leading LED lighting manufacturer that provides comprehensive solutions for different lighting demands, Blueboo makes efforts to develop LED intelligent system to provide customers with overall LED lighting solutions and high-quality products by continuous innovation. Blueboo lighting manufacturer manages to offer customers more professional, qualified and satisfactory products and services, and create higher value.