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Blueboo's New Integrated 30W LED Downlight Delivers 2300lm

Blueboo adopts new patent technology and chooses Philips luxeon as light source with high light efficiency and high brightness. The luminous flux of 30 W / 17 W / 12 W whole light can each reach 2300 lm / 1400 lm / 900 lm. Special material of LGP (light guide panel) makes light distribution perfectly even. LED downlights with new and light materials increase at least 60% luminance compared with ordinary ones. In addition, in view of new design scheme, the edges of downlights have even colour without light spot, which helps to make full use of light and improve the light efficiency.

LED downlight is a lighting product that focuses light properly compared with common lights, generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. LED downlight is embedded in the ceiling and the ray is shot down. LED downlight's unique characteristic is to keep the whole unity and perfection of building, which doesn't influence the unity and perfection of suspended ceiling art because of light's settings. LED downlight is adopted high power LED as light source with soft and comfortable visual effect. In view of LED's advantages of green environmental protection and energy conversation, LED downlight plays an important role in the future development trend.

LED downlights are widely used in the bedrooms, sitting rooms, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, advertising boards, bars, hotels, resorts, lobbies, buildings, stage decoration, etc. With perfect light effect, LED downlight helps to increase cozy atmosphere, create soft warm feeling and reduce sense of pressure from space.

LED downlights cause less heat than traditional lights, which means they have longer lifespan. LED downlights have outstanding advantages of low maintenance cost, high brightness, energy conservation, convenient installation, green environmental protection and ultra high efficiency, etc. LED downlight makes people pleasant and comfortable, saves more energy and lengthens lifespan at the same time.

With no harmful substances such as mercury and lead, LED downlights meet the demands of social sustainable development and the requirements of environmental protection, which brings incomparable social benefits and economic benefits. With the features of long lifespan and saving energy, Blueboo LED downlights not only greatly decrease maintenance cost and electricity bills, but also significantly reduce energy demand and greenhouse-gas emissions.

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About Blueboo:
Blueboo has resolved the heat dissipation issue successfully, which lengthens life span to achieve the purpose of saving energy, protecting environment and reducing emissions. Blueboo focuses on humanized design and overall solutions of LED lighting. We provide customers with satisfying products with high cost performance according to their programmes or projects and help customers to save and lengthens lifespan at the same time.


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