Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 09, 2011

Britepointe Develops 400 Watt LED Replacement Lamp

Britepointe announced the HyBeem E39 LED replacement lamp. Based 400 watt metal hailde and sodium vapor lamps, the HyBeem E39 used in high bay lighting fixtures. It achieves greater than 15,000 lumen output. The HyBeem E39 saves up to 80% energy when compared to a 400 watt metal halide high bay lamp and lasts six times as long before needing replacement. Installations typically achieve a two year or less payback on investment. The HyBeem E39 LED replacement lamp is manufactured in the USA.

Hybeem Solid State Lighting from BritePointe delivers the lighting equivalence of a conventional Metal Halide HID or Sodium Vapor HPS light source in a similar form factor with up to 85% power savings and 5 times the service life. The combination of BritePointe’s innovative high performance LED technology, optical, electrical, and fan-less thermal management engine deliver a simple metal halide HID or sodium vapor bulb retrofit replacement. In addition, Hybeem hook & plug light fixtures are an ideal replacement for aged High Bay lighting fixtures that use metal halide HID, HPS or florescent lamps. All Hybeem products exceed the quality and quantity of light required for a broad range of High Bay applications in a standard flood beam pattern. The simple design of Hybeem LED based light sources eliminates integration challenges, allowing for rapid incorporation into standard lighting systems or replacement of existing HID, HPS or florescent fixtures. Hybeem products are engineered to optimize light output and lifetime, resulting in outstanding reliability, color point stability and lumen maintenance.

Key Features

Replacement for standard Metal Halide HID and Sodium Vapor HPS bulbs and fixtures or florescent fixtures

Delivering comparable beam pattern of up to 23,000 lumens with LED

Edison Mogul Base retrofit bulb or ‘hook and plug’ fixtures

RoHS compliant o NO Mercury or Lead

50,000 hour life

Typical Applications

Distribution Center

Manufacturing Facilities


Big Box Retail



65% reduction in power consumption

Bulb for use in existing socket, conduit or ‘hook & plug’ fixture mount

Easy to install

No dimming of bulb with age

No UV or IR in the beam

Industry leading lumen maintenance and color point stability

Reduced operating costs based on energy and maintenance savings


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