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Circadian PAR30 Gimbal Spot Delivers Biological Spectrum with High Color Quality

Lighting Science, a global leader in circadian lighting technology, is pleased to announce the release of the Series A+™ Par30 Gimbal, a specification-grade lamp created for discerning clients and lighting designers. Series A+ features a healthy, circadian spectrum with high color quality, beam precision, and directional flexibility.

The Series A+, like many of Lighting Science’s award-winning products, incorporates patented, engineered spectrum technology to provide a rejuvenating feel with a crisp, white light that is unencumbered by any visual hints of wavelength peaks in circadian blue. Occupants of indoor environments will feel awake and alert from the stimulating spectrum at 480 nm, the wavelength found in natural daylight. Available in three color temperatures (3000, 4000 and 5000 K), each lamp generates high-quality spectral output with a minimum 90 CRI, adds vibrancy to every illuminated scene, and offers appealing contrast and vivid color.

Lighting Science understands that versatility without trade-offs reigns, and the Series A+ delivers with three beam angles that are ideal for accent, task and wall wash applications – a spot (15°), narrow flood (25°) and flood (40°). The discreet gimbal design provides even more functionality, accomplishing precision directional control with 85° rotation at the base and 56° pivot at the lens. A threaded lens cap enables users to add or interchange optical materials such as diffusers or films for even more creative license. The Series A+ is dimmable to 10% and compatible with most TRIAC dimmers, simplifying installation for replacing existing incandescent/halogen lamps.

“At Lighting Science, we strive to create products that provide people with healthier built environments in which to live and work. The Series A+ takes the advancements in optics and circadian research to the next level,” said Fred Maxik, CTO and Founder of Lighting Science. “Lighting designers, specifiers and consumers now have the flexibility to have healthy, circadian light with high CRI to maximize the impact of any illumination project they pursue. It’s the ultimate in lighting, without compromise.”

The Series A+ proves that healthy circadian lighting does not preclude flexibility in design. This adaptable spot will find applications in both commercial and residential spaces requiring precision optical and directional control and provide the added value of a biological impact.

Complete product details for the Series A+ PAR30 Gimbal are available on Pricing and purchase information can be obtained by calling Customer Service at 877-999-5742.

About Lighting Science:

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