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ColorStars Group Launches the Dimmable R4-MR16-WHT Series MR16 LED Lamps

The 6W R4-MR16-WHT Series of retrofit LED lamps with a GU5.3 bi-pin base represent a milestone for the ColorStars' Group. The R4-MR16-WHT Series features a new heatsink that allows for the highest lumen output yet of any retrofit MR16 LED lamp manufactured by the ColorStars' Group. They are the first lamps to offer a dimmable function with linear AC transformers and some compatible electronic transformers.

Four chips are used in the 6-watt lamps. They provide a lumen output that varies depending on the lens and beam angle, reaching 350 lumens ±10% for the R4-MR16-WHT-D-45.

Four beam angles are available in either daylight white ( 5500k ±200k) or warm-white (2700k ±200k or 3000k ±200k): 30°, 45°, 50° and 55°.

The R4-MR16-WHT series are dimmable with linear AC transformers, some compatible electronic transformers and standard TRIAC dimmers.

The power supply voltage of the R4-MR16-WHT series is 12~18Vac and 12~24Vdc. The power supply current is <500mA. Power consumption is 6 watts. Operating life is projected as 70% lumen maintenance after 35,000 hours. The lamp dimensions are: length – 38mm and diameter – 49.5mm.

Specific models, their beam angles and lumen output are as follows:
• R4-MR16-WHT-W-L-55 (lens) (3000k ±200k; 55° and 235 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-W-50 (3000k ±200k; 50° and 245 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-D-L-55 (lens) (5500k ±200k; 55° and 245 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-D-50 (5500k ±200k; 50° and 260 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-W-30 (2700k ±200k; 30° and 320 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-W-45 (2700k ±200k; 45° and 300 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-D-30 (5500k ±200k; 30° and 350 lumens ±10%)
• R4-MR16-WHT-D-45 (5500k ±200k; 45° and 330 lumens ±10%)

The ColorStars Group is headquartered in Irvine, California, U.S.A. with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.

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