Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 04, 2010

Comfortable Light with the New 10 Watt LED Lamp Produced by LEDON Lamp GmbH

LEDON LED retrofit lamps emit warm-white light and create a homely atmosphere. Therefore, they are the perfect replacement for light bulbs, not only in terms of design but also in terms of light quality. At the same time, LED lamps use up to six times less energy than incandescent lamps.

Unlike CFL energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have a continuous light spectrum, are free of toxic mercury and achieve 100% luminosity immediately after switching on.

Due to its unbeatable efficiency, the 10 W LED lamp produced by the Austrian company LEDON Lamp is definitely the new highlight in the LEDON product range. Its light output of 600 lumen and its great light quality ensure that it is the technologically leading LED lamp in this category. Furthermore, the lamp has a very elegant design: a white metal housing crowned by a frosted glass dome. As opposed to conventional light sources the 10 watt LED lamp saves about 83 percent of energy costs. At the same time, this LED lamp has a warm-white colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin. The new LED lamp with either B22 or E27 socket will be available as dimmable and non-dimmable versions as well as with a brand-new feature – the double-click option. By double-clicking your light switch, the LED lamp is dimmed down to 30 percent of its original brightness. By switching the lights on, briefly switching them off and switching them on again – the double-click – consumers will be able to create a homely atmosphere without using expensive dimmers.

About LEDON Lamp GmbH:
LEDON Lamp GmbH is based in Vorarlberg, Austria, and is a 100% subsidiary of the Zumtobel AG lighting group. For already a year now, LEDON Lamp has focused on the development, sales and marketing of LED retrofit lamps as 1:1 replacements for the well-known incandescent and halogen lamps. The company, with its LED modules entirely developed and produced in Austria, ranks among the established specialists worldwide in the field of LED technology. Further information at and