Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

Concept Study Presents the Future of Light at Light+Building 2010

Novaled presents the resuits of a four-month project on the application of OLEDs in luminaires.

The concept study was conducted jointly with the luminaire manufacturer Trilux and is based on Trilux's "Enspiro" LED Office luminaire with the addition of 20 ultra-low-profile transparent OLED modules. OLEDs are extremely thin light sources that emit a uniform light across their entire surface. Their Special properties of transparency, natural light colours and flexibility will herald a revolution in light and lighting. "This new technology will give architects and designers in particular greater freedom than they have ever had before. The study demonstrates this very clearly already", said Gerd Günther, CMO at Novaled.

Trilux is also impressed by the results. "There is no question that in the medium term OLEDs will be the next great advance in the devetopment of LED technology in our industry. By cooperating with one of the leading players in the OLED technology sector we have gained a valuable insight into the future of light", said Dietmar Zembrot, Head of Sales and Marketing at Trilux.