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Concrete and LEDs - Sattler's New AVVENI Member Is Described Best as Dance of Polarities

Sattler's new AVVENI variant: Table and floor lamp with a cylindrical concrete stand unlocks even more possible uses in your home. The flexible Avveni lighting system holds in itself the “potential for further variants” – so the refreshing, yet factual comment by the Focus Open Design Award jurors on the modular Avveni luminaire and its numerous and conceptually designed variations. In collaboration with code2design, Michael Schmidt, a “variant” has been created by Ulrich Sattler in form of a table and floor lamp named Avveni Concrete.

Avveni Concrete features a moveable light head resting on an unostentatious, cylindrical concrete stand. The light head retains its lightness and flexibility via the magnetic ball joint, contrasted by the sturdy base made of fair-faced concrete – a surprising polarity between materiality and display. Concrete has become a trendy material for stylish interiors and gives the Avveni luminaire a new impetus in the domain of lighting.

The Avveni Concrete is characterized by a harmonious polarity between the optically appealing structure of the concrete with all its little cavities and bubbles and the wellproportioned surface of the light head, which is available in two colours, brushed and anodised or in polished aluminium. A lot of tinkering was required by the Sattler designers in order to retain the original character of the concrete for the surface of the cylindrical base – a visible roughness, yet pronounced refined aesthetics have been achieved. The distinct and defined edges create an elegant and smooth transition to the other Avveni components.

The design of the magnetic ball joint was inspired by the mobility of the human shoulder. It connects the lamp base with the light head, which can be exchanged at any time and rotated by 360° as well as tilted by 180°. This extraordinary flexibility is visually balanced by the simple cylindrical shape of the stand.

Balance between stability and lightness:

A small slit in the foot hides the cable duct and also elegantly reduces the sturdiness of the base. The light head, seemingly dancing on the grey stand, is customarily available as a prism disk for general lighting or as an individual spot light with different beam angles. A sophisticated add-on inspires different uses: The lamp base contains a holder, which instantly turns the Avveni Concrete into a wall lamp.

Award-winning luminaire product family:

In 2016 the Avveni lighting system received the highest award in the category of lighting by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg. An independent jury emphasized that the modular design offered the “potentiality for further variants by the use of identically clear, yet sculptural design language”. By creating the Avveni Concrete luminaire, both Ulrich Sattler and Michael Schmidt (code2design) have demonstrated yet another use of the lighting system and its realization with the usual perfection in every detail. Conceptualized as a product family, the Avveni lighting system has also received the iF Design Award 2017, the Stevie Award 2017 as well as the German Design Award 2017. Furthermore, the Avveni Concrete was honoured with the darc award DECORATIVE in the “Floor Lamp” category.

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About Sattler:

Sattler is a family business located in Göppingen, Germany, which is managed in the second and third generation by Ulrich Sattler and his son Sven Sattler. As a manufacturer of sculptural luminaires of extremely high quality detail from design to production, the company enjoys an excellent international reputation. Sattler luminaires are coveted interior items for foyers, shops and malls, prestigious residential buildings and executive suites all over the world.
“The true greatness of our products is in the detail”, is the company owner’s creed, which also concisely summarizes Sattler’s quality and design standards.
Sattler has been awarded numerous design and innovation prizes for their pioneering products such as the iF Design Award, the RedDot Design Award, the Focus Open Award and the Focus Open Gold Award and most recently the German Design Award 2017.
In January 2015, Sattler moved into a new corporate building, which was designed by the Stuttgart-based architectural firm Rolf Loew and furnished by Raiserlopes.