Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 01, 2014

Cree Enters MR16 Halogen Lamps Replacement Market Arena

Cree, Inc. introduces the MR16 Series LED lamps with TrueWhite® Technology, that delivers the soft, diffused light of a traditional 50 W halogen MR16 lamp, and is designed for global compatibility with virtually all existing sockets. With a suggested retail price of USD 25, Cree MR16 TrueWhite LED lamps consume up to 83 percent less energy and are designed to meet Energy Star® qualification to deliver a rapid payback of less than one year.*

Cree MR16 lamp“The Cree® MR16 TrueWhite LED lamp is the best 50 W halogen replacement lamp to combine the energy-saving benefits of LED with the light distribution and color quality our clients expect,” said Lee Mehler, principal architect and president, LMHT Associates/National Restaurant Designers. “We’ve been disappointed with other MR16 LED lamps on the market, but after testing the Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamp we are specifying and recommending the use of this product for new and retrofit projects to replace existing halogen MR16 lamps with Cree.”

“Cree’s latest innovation is poised to replace the billions of MR16 lamps currently installed around the world by delivering an unprecedented combination of energy savings, color quality and compatibility. The Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamp is setting a new standard for the category,” said Norbert Hiller, Cree executive vice president, lighting.

Featuring a design that delivers greater than 580 lumens in conjunction with a proprietary lens, Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamps eliminate the glare commonly associated with 50-watt halogen MR16 lamps to deliver a soft, diffused light with category-leading color rendering index of 92. Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamps are dimmable and available in 15-degree spot, 25-degree flood and 40-degree wide flood beam angles in a 1.97-inch, ANSI-compliant form factor, allowing them to easily fit into existing tracks for a one-for-one replacement.

The Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamp is available through distribution throughout the United States and Canada. Please visit for more information.
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About Cree:
Cree is leading the LED lighting revolution and making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy-efficient, mercury-free LED lighting. Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications.
Cree's product families include LED fixtures and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, high-brightness LEDs, lighting-class power LEDs, power-switching devices and RF devices. Cree® products are driving improvements in applications such as general illumination, electronic signs and signals, power supplies and solar inverters.

*Payback compared to 50-watt halogen MR16 lamp and based on usage of 12 hours per day and the US average of $0.13 per kWh electric costs.