Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 29, 2014

Data Link Launches Driverless Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp at LpS 2014

Our company’s mission was to develop and produce an affordable and durable LED down light that can compete with other commercial products of this type available in the marketplace. As a result of our efforts we present you first in a series of lamps made in a unique patented planar technology. From the very start we opted for the robotic automatic production line concept with minimum human involvement. This product has been designed with the intention of being assembled on an automatic robotic line which can produce more than 400 units per shift.

LED Ceiling Lamp characteristics:
•    LCL230R-AC drastically reduces energy consumption compared to incandescent or CFL lamp
•    LCL230R-AC provides a large luminous flux of at least 1400 lumens, while its consumption is only 16 W
•    This lamp (light fixture) has a real lifespan of over 60,000 hours
•    LCL230R-AC is especially suitable for extended number of power cycles and therefore suitable for staircase and hallway lighting
•    It is suitable for flush mounting to plasterboard and suspended ceilings or alternatively can be surface mounted using the bracket supplied
•    The lamp has a very pleasant white light suitable for domestic dwellings and residential market, with colour temperatures available from warm white 2700 K to neutral white 4000 K depending on the application
•    LCL230R-AC lamp reduces maintenance costs in buildings due to the high reliability and long life
•    This lamp has outstanding thermal management due to the large surface cooler that allows the low LED junction temperature
•    LCL230R-AC lamp is thermally protected, which means that at higher ambient temperatures reduce the intensity of light and prevent overheating of the LED and shorten lifespan.

The incoming AC LED technology has enabled that this lamp has a minimum of components and having no electronic parts that are susceptible to aging. Additionally this lamp can endure millions of power cycles and has a very long life. Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp is low energy alternative to incandescent and Compact Fluorescent bulb. It is designed for hallway, staircase, bathroom, lounge or any other area that needs pleasant and high efficiency lighting.

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