Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 22, 2010

Digilin Release the Terra

Digilin have just released to the market the Terra range of high brightness LED landscaping uplights. The Terra range of uplights are high quality flush mount fittings that brings the efficiency of LED lighting to the world of landscaping, without sacrificing the quality, durability or light levels of traditional lighting.

The range consists of 3 models operating at different wattages, all of which run on 12VAC, so are compatible with standard landscaping lighting transformers. All models are IP67 rated (when correctly installed), with several design measures in place to prevent water ingress along the cable and feature marine grade 316 stainless steel bezels. Digilin merges high performance LEDs with custom designed lenses providing the range with fantastic beam control (with several options depending on the model), available in warm or cool white. This is combined with Digilin's advanced electronics, designed to minimise power losses, and thus raising the efficiency of the fittings to levels previously unattainable. Furthermore, the driver electronics features thermal overload protection, which ensures the LEDs run within the range specified by the manufacturer to maximise the lifespan of the fittings.

The 3 models in the range are:
GL10, drawing only 8W of power with an output of 385 lumens in warm white, and is available as both a 110mm square and round version.
Click here for information on the GL10 Round Landscaping Up Light
Click here for information on the GL10 Square Landscaping Up Light
GL20, a 130mm square fitting, drawing 11W to output 495 lumens in warm white.
Click here for information on the GL20 Landscaping Up Light
GL30, a 130mm round fitting, drawing 17W to output almost 1000 lumens in warm white.
Click here for information on the GL20 Landscaping Up Light