Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 22, 2015

Digital Lumens Unveils Direct/Indirect Intelligent High Bay LED Fixtures

Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED lighting systems, today unveiled its high bay to offer both direct and indirect lighting capabilities in a single fixture, as well as LightRules 2.11, a new release of the company’s award-winning lighting and energy management software.

Product Features:
•    Unparalleled energy efficiency, reducing lighting energy use by up to 90%
•    Maximum flexibility with independently rotatable light bars for best light placement
•    Total controllability – built-in occupancy and ambient light sensing, configured wirelessly with the LightRules management system, delivering the right amount of light precisely where and when needed
•    Multiple optics options to address each facility’s unique needs
•    Power supply alternatives
•    Proven reliability through a rugged industrial design
•    Uplighting with thousands of direct/indirect distribution options to maximize visual comfort in manufacturing, sporting, and retail applications

With the uplighting capabilities, the new 24,000 and 48,000 lumen DLE intelligent high bay fixtures are the only fixtures on the market with four independently aimable light bars that can be inverted and offer complete flexibility for light distribution across a broad range of environments. Offering even more versatility, the DLEs are ideal for use in applications where visual comfort is paramount, such as tennis courts or big-box retail stores, and industrial spaces with lower ceiling heights.

Digital Lumens also announced a new release of LightRules lighting and energy management software with a broad range of enhancements in usability and cloud backup. Available to new customers and those with support and maintenance agreements, this latest software release includes new capabilities that dramatically improve lighting network performance, simplify access for contractors and line-of-business users, and deliver enhanced security and disaster recovery options for the most demanding commercial and industrial customers.

"We are dedicated to offering our customers the most advanced intelligent LED lighting products, and are pleased to expand our award-winning fixture portfolio, and an expanded version of LightRules,” said Kaynam Hedayat, Vice President of Product Management at Digital Lumens. “These new fixtures bring the power of intelligent lighting to new customer environments, delivering Digital Lumens’ proven efficiency and flexibility to a growing global customer base, while this new version of LightRules extends cloud-based capabilities and usability enhancements to all of our enterprise-scale software platform.”

For more information, please visit the Digital Lumens DLE website or download the DLE Datasheet.

The Intelligent LED Lighting System Products:
A  fully integrated system, the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System includes smart LED-based fixtures, wirelessly networked and centrally managed via LightRules. Every Digital Lumens fixture is designed for maximum performance and control, has integrated occupancy and daylight sensing, and is wirelessly networked to LightRules. LightRules offers comprehensive reporting on lighting and other energy loads – for an individual facility, or across multiple sites – as well as complete control over the lighting behavior and performance. The LightRules Application Programming Interface (API) makes it possible to integrate with third-party systems. In addition, Digital Light Agents (DLAs) offer stand-alone lighting control solutions that transform any fixture from any manufacturer into a LightRules-ready member of an Intelligent Lighting System.

About Digital Lumens:
Digital Lumens is a global supplier of enterprise-scale intelligent LED lighting systems for leading commercial and industrial customers, delivering 90% energy savings and a platform for building intelligence. With deployments of 200 million square feet (20 million square meters) of coverage across 40 countries, Digital Lumens brings the tangible benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) to commercial and industrial lighting environments. For more information, please visit