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Double-click and LED Replacement for 60 Watt Incandescent Lamps Revolutionize the Lighting of Our Homes

At Light+Building 2010, LEDON Lamp GmbH presents its extended product range of LED retrofit lamps for the first time.

While LEDON lamps have so far replaced conventional 25 watt and 40 watt incandescent lamps, the extended portfolio of LEDON Lamp offers innovative and new developments in terms of shape and wattage. These include the two 5 watt LED lamps replacing 25 watt incandescent lamps in the shape of golf balls and candles. A particular highlight in the new LEDON product range is the 10 watt LED lamp replacing the classic 60 watt incandescent lamp. The 6 watt LED replacement for 40 watt incandescent globe lamps rounds off the extended portfolio. Due to the extended product range, LEDON Lamp now offers a suitable lighting solution for every household.

“We are very proud to present our new developments at Light+Building, particularly because LEDON Lamp was only founded nine months ago. This has only been possible because we have been able to rely on 10 years of LED expertise and on the resources of the entire Zumtobel Group. The products are ready to go into production and will be available from stock this summer. Our objective is, true to our slogan “LEDON – my light“, to offer consumers the best LED lamps including a very pleasant lighting quality and colour. Therefore, we are already working at full speed on the next generation of our product range“, said Detlef Mikulsky, general manager of LEDON Lamp GmbH.

LEDON LED lamps: Dimmable without dimmer?
With the exception of globe lamps, all LEDON LED lamps in the extended product range are equipped with a special feature. There are dimmable and non dimmable versions available, plus a new double-click option. By double-clicking your light switch, the LED lamp is dimmed down to 30 percent of its original brightness. By switching the lights on, briefly switching them off and switching them on again – the double-click – consumers will be able to create a homely atmosphere without using expensive dimmers.

LEDON LED lamps – Because we value homely light:
LEDON LED retrofit lamps emit warm white light with excellent colour rendering (CRI > 90) and are therefore an ideal replacement for the popular incandescent lamps. Thanks to innovative LED technology, all LEDON lamps are highly efficient. For example, the 6 watt LED lamp in the shape of a globe has a light output of 60 lm/W, the 10 watt LED lamp achieves even more at 65 lm/W. Apart from the high luminous flux in combination with high efficiency, LEDON lamps also convince with their exceptional lifetime.
As opposed to CFL energy-saving lamps, LEDON LED lamps are free of toxic mercury. Therefore, they can be disposed of via simple electrical recycling – and need not be disposed of as hazardous waste. Furthermore, LEDON lamps achieve full output immediately, rather than taking time to light at full capacity, which is typical for CFLs. They achieve 100% luminosity immediately after switching on. LED retrofit lamps produced by LEDON do not emit UV-radiation and can be switched on and off without wear.

LEDON LED lamps: Save energy, not quality:
Low energy consumption goes hand in hand with the environmentally friendly technology of LEDON lamps. All lamps listed in the LEDON product range save up to 30 percent of energy costs compared to CFLs and compared to incandescent lamps they reduce energy costs by more than 80 percent. The new 10 watt LED lamp, for example, replaces the 60 watt incandescent lamp and, therefore, saves 83 percent of energy costs. The LED lamp in the shape of a golf ball with only 4.5 watts is the replacement for 25 watt incandescent lamps and achieves energy savings of 82 percent.
Currently, the specification of watt is still the most common way for consumers to determine the performance of lamps, however, in the future the indication of lumen will gain more and more importance. The luminous flux specifies the overall emitted luminous power of a lamp in lumens and is measured independently of distribution direction. LEDON LED lamps convince with a high luminous flux and therefore have a great advantage over other products available on the market.

LEDON product range at a glance:
LED retrofit lamps in the shape of classic incandescent lamps
5 W LED lamp: Replacement for 25 watt lamp with E27 or B22 socket
6 W LED lamp: Replacement for 40 watt lamp with E27 or B22 socket
10 W LED lamp: Replacement for 60 watt lamp with E27 or B22 socket
LED retrofit lamp in the shape of a globe
6 W LED lamp G80: Replacement for 40 watt globe incandescent lamps with E27 or B22 socket
LED retrofit lamps in the shape of candles and golf balls
5 W LED lamp B35: Replacement for 25 watt candle incandescent lamps with E14 or B15 socket
5 W LED lamp P45: Replacement for 25 watt golf ball incandescent lamps with E14 or B15 socket

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kledlight says: (on Jun 03, 2011 06:53 AM)
Thanks for the posts,but I'm not agree with you in some points. Maybe your led replacement lamp is not good enough, the luminous value is a little lower. We have some LED replacement bulbs, our 3W LED bulb can replace 25W incandescent bulb or 9W CFL, and 5W LED bulb is for replacement of 40W incandescent bulb, and 7W LED bulb lamp is enough for replacing 60W incandescent lamp. Are you agree with me ?
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Thank you
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