Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

Down Light: 1000lm OSTAR Lighting with 15W Replaces a 50W MR11 Halogen Spot

As announced by the Australian government in 2007 the incandescent bulbs will be banned, because of their low engery efficacy.The development of high powered LEDs, such as the OSRAM 1000lm OSTAR Lighting, offers a real alternative to traditional lighting solutions.

High energy efficiency, as well as the long product lifetime is a benefit associated with the use of LEDs. By the use of this new technology, a wide range of new down lights has been designed by the luminaire company Soanar Lighting Solutions for the Australian market. This was realized under the lead of the LLFY network partner SoftRay (China) and the associated LLFY partners Coolermaster (Taiwan) and LEDIL (Finland).

The interior down light is designed to utilize the most recent LED of OSRAM, the 1000lm OSTAR Lighting as the light source. The light intensity from the OSTAR LE UW E3B with a lens is equivalent to a 50W halogen light. The illumination standard EN 12464-1 e.g. for working places with 500lux on a table can be achivied by a distance from 2m above the table.
The LED product replaces the former halogen MR11 solution. The designed LED down light with 15W saves hereby 25W energy in comparison to the 50W of the excisting Halogen solution.
The SoftRay designed and manufactured product contains: a metal housing fascia, two spring loaded clips to attach the down light to the ceiling, to achieve the desired beam shaping a clear polycarbonate lens produced by LEDIL, an OSTAR LED and a customized black aluminium heat sink designed and manufactured by Coolermaster.

Fields of Application: Built-in Down light (interior) / Built-in Spot light (exterior)
• Office Lighting
• Household Lighting
• Function Room Lighting
• Function Room Lighting
• Shop Lighting
• An average Power consumption of 15 Watts - Lower power bills - Eco friendly(less carbon emissions).
• Similar light output to a 50Watt Halogen while consuming under a third of the power consumption.
• No heat reflected down from the light- Lower air-conditioning costs, raised comfort levels in shops and retail environments.
• 50,000 hour life - Reduced maintenance costs, great for high ceilings where access is a problem, put them in and forget it product.
• No Ultraviolet Light emission, so great for illuminating items that are sensitive to UV such as artwork, reduction in insects as insects are attracted to UV.
• Down light uses the latest in LED technology from Osram Opto Semiconductors, for reliability and performance.
• LED Driver meets Safety and EMC approvals in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.