Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 27, 2014

Eaton Cooper Introduces Unique Energy Efficient, LED Luminaire Alternative To Conventional High Bay Luminaires

Power management company Eaton today announced the introduction of the Metalux SkyBar™ light-emitting diode (LED) luminaire from its Cooper Lighting Division. The first high bay luminaire to offer uplight and adjustable optical blades, the luminaire incorporates patented WaveStream™ LED optical technology to efficiently improve light quality and distribution for indoor high bay commercial, retail and industrial applications.

“Our Metalux SkyBar luminaire offers customers an energy efficient, unique and aesthetic LED alternative to traditional linear fluorescent, high intensity discharge (H.I.D) and LED high bay solutions,” said Mark Eubanks, president, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Division. “By incorporating our WaveStream LED technology, this product offers light distributions to meet applications needs and provide an easy-to-install process.”

The Metalux SkyBar series is the first LED high bay family to provide uplight as a standard feature (up to 11 percent). This aesthetic design allows the product to be used in more ambiance-sensitive environments, while eliminating the “cave effect” found in traditional high bay solutions.

The WaveStream LED technology features laser-precise AccuAim™ optics arranged in exacting patterns, providing unparalleled brightness control while delivering the maximum amount of light on task. The efficiency of the WaveStream LED technology allows for the reduction of energy consumption and maintenance costs, providing maximum energy savings with an extended life for longer maintenance intervals.

The SkyBar series is available with field adjustable, two and four blade configurations in both wide and narrow distribution options, allowing custom solutions for different environments. For example, in large open spaces, the suspended luminaires feature a unique optical pattern to produce a high level of wide, uniform illumination. For aisles and pathways, the SkyBar luminaires’ narrow distribution pattern delivers efficient, optimal light where it’s needed most.

The luminaires are available in 3500 Kelvin (K), 4000K and 5000K correlated color temperatures and five lumen packages ranging from 10,000 to 29,000 lumens with a superior efficacy of up to 105 lumens per watt. An ideal solution for warehouses/distribution centers, convention centers, atriums, showrooms, grocery stores and big box retail stores, this product gives the necessary optical freedom and flexibility to meet the requirements for a wide variety of high bay, as well as low bay applications.

The series is equipped with a zero to 10 volt standard dimming driver for control using wall dimmers; emergency battery packs; daylight and/or occupancy sensors; and room controllers for Eaton’s Cooper Controls business. The SkyBar luminaires are also available with a native Fifth Light Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) driver option for complete digital energy management using Fifth Light addressable lighting controls.

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