Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 25, 2012

Everlight Unveils the New Series of Omnidirectional Dimmable LED A60 Retrofits in 2012 Photonics Festival in Taiwan

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading player in the global LED industry, announces brand new series of omnidirectional dimmable LED A60 retrofits in 2012 LED Lighting Taiwan during 2012 Photonics Festival in Taiwan. With advanced three dimensional lighting design concepts, the beam angle can be over 270°. The lumen performance is over 80lm/w, and the light pattern is following the standards of Energy Star Regulations. Moreover, with the dimmable function, users can choose the different brightness level they need in order to save more energy.

At 2012 LED Lighting Taiwan, EVERLIGHT also presents different high efficient lighting packages including High, Mid and Low Power LED*, High Voltage LED and COB LED packages. Besides, EVERLIGHT showcases new dimmable LED light retrofits series including A60 and PAR series and other lighting fixtures in different applications such as outdoor, commercial, office, storage or residential usages. Using LED to replace the conventional light source can immediately reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save more energy, that is why EVERLIGHT wish everyone can work together to create an ECO environment for our next generation.

EVERLIGHT brings up the concept of “The Right LED for the Right Application,” in order to provide the best performance and quality for different LED lighting fixtures. For example, EVERLIGHT’s High Power LED can be installed in high brightness lighting fixtures like down lights or street lights. Low/Mid Power LED series are directed towards light bar and replacement omnidirectional retrofit applications. The COB LED can easily be installed on the heat sink without optional circuit mounted. The whole series consists of 0.06W to 40W products with high efficiency of lumen output. EVERLIGHT provides users a “Most Suitable Solution” whenever they design different LED lighting fixtures.

As a participant of the energy-saving industry, EVERLIGHT showcases varieties of new generation of LED retrofits including A60 Bulbs, PAR, MR16, and 3W Candle Lights. The new series of LED A60 and PAR series are installed the new dimming technology. The users can install the dimmable light bulbs to adjust the brightness of environment in order to achieve the better result of energy saving. In the meantime, EVERLIGHT also represents new 5W/7W MR16 and 3W Candle Lights with better efficiency.

After awarded as “2012 TILS Innovative Product Award”, at 2012 LED Lighting Taiwan, EVERLIGHT proudly presents more low CT technology street lights industrial lights including SL-Armor series with the changeable housing system, SL-Caveled for tunnel’s lighting and SL-Liberty, a high bay for storage’s lighting. The total performance of warm white street lights are all up to world leading 100 lumens flux (lm/w) but driven with low power consumption just like other LED light fixtures.

EVERLIGHT keeps on researching and developing in different lighting applications in order to provide customers “Total Solution” service. Thus, EVERLIGHT also showcases the LED lighting fixtures for office, commercial and residential area including LED T5/T8 tubes, LED down lights, LED PAR lights and LED desk lamps. This year EVERLIGHT also represents a new series of LED working lamp, the “Tron”. EVERLIGHT’s new LED working lamp is with “multi-joints” design concept that can provide different lighting angles to avoid dark shadow. The illuminance is over 1000lux when the height is 40cm, and four steps dimming make “Tron” more easy-to-use, in order to be your best working partner.

EVERLIGHT is not only developing LED lighting products in general lighting, but also study about the agricultural lights. With the different wavelength, LED lighting can help vegetables to grow faster and stronger without any nutrition loses. For example, the wavelength of blue light and red light can help to advance the growth of leaf start from the seeding stage, and the wavelength of green light can increase the texture of vegetables. For the bigger planting area such as greenhouse, EVERLIGHT’s GL-Chauntea can replace the conventional light and advance the growth of plants in order to help humankind to face increasing demands of grain worldwide.

It has been one year already since EVERLIGHT lunched its own brand LED lighting products on June, 2011. EVERLIGHT will keep working in R&D and studying the future market trend in LED lighting industry to exceed our customer’s expectations and satisfy the fastest-growing global LED lighting market. For our latest products and solutions, please come and visit EVERLIGHT’s booth on 2012 LED Lighting Taiwan in Photonics Festival in Taiwan during June 19th to 21th, 2012.

About EVERLIGHT Electronics:
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