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Eyeleds Launches New 'Outdoor Extreme'

"Excellent, robust LED lighting solution for 'heavy' projects outdoors" goes. Eyeleds International is happy to announce the official market release of the latest Product Innovation 'Eyeleds Outdoor Extreme'.

Eyeleds International offers ultra-slim, sustainable, 'plug-and-play' LED lighting solutions for application in both indoor and outdoor environments. The current product range is used in both end consumer and professional projects for orientation, design and functional purposes.
Considering the application of Eyeleds in outdoor environments, Eyeleds offers currently the successful Outdoor 'Basic' and Outdoor 'Professional' series. Current developments in especially the project market demand an even more robust LED lighting solution, thanks to the growing awareness of the added value of LED products for large scaled landscape projects.
The new Eyeleds Outdoor Extreme is an innovative response to the market latest demand. The product is able to operate – as the products' name assumes – under extreme circumstances. Therefore, application in 'heavy' loaded projects as e.g. airports, traffic areas, squares, shopping areas, etc. will be of no problem.

The Eyeleds Outdoor Extreme system stands out due to it's unique product advantages:
The product is easy-to-install:
•    'Plug-and-Play', easy connecting by means of high quality "male-female" connectors;
•    Universal, the Outdoor Extreme system works with the same accessories as the Outdoor Professional product range and is available as both Multi and Single Connector configuration;
The product is safe, which could be guaranteed over:
•    Low Voltage, the system operates on 12 Volt;
•    The LED surface remains cool during use;
•    Approvals by leading test houses as e.g. KEMA, ENEC05 and more
The products quality finds expression in:
•    Smooth light output over 6 SMD LED diodes;
•    IP67 rating for total protection against dust and the effect of immersion;
•    Suitability for use in extreme environments between -20 and +45°C;
•    Load capacity up to at least 500kg / 5,000N;
The product is sustainable and fits perfect into the actual 'green' developments:
•    Extreme long lifespan up to 100,000 hours MTBF;
•    Use of cost saving "Solid State Lighting" techniques.
Complementary information about the product, project examples and availability is available at the web site  
About Eyeleds:
Eyeleds International ( designs, manufactures and markets LED lighting solutions for consumer and professional with accents on orientation/marking, design and accent/functional applications. The concept is applicable in both in- and outdoor situations and are environmentally friendlier and less costly to operate than traditional lighting products. 'Quality', 'Simplicity' ('Plug-and-Play'), 'Safety' and 'Sustainability' to the highest standards are the key-elements.
Eyeleds was originally introduced in 2004 by Lighting Partner BV, the European LED leader that was acquired by the LSGC ( in April 2008. Since the initial introduction, the product has become a well-known brand for many diverse specialists and architects in the world.
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