Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

Eyeleds® Introduces the PowerEYE®

Energy devouring recessed spotlights, heat problems, having to change bulbs, and the necessity to create enough recess space in the ceiling to be able to install spotlights are now a thing of the past. Eyeleds® is the first company in the world to have managed to bring the new Philips/Lumileds K2 Powerleds onto the market and, amazingly, integrate these into their ultra-flat Eyeleds® fittings!

With the new generation of Powerled diodes, we have taken a first step toward advancing LED lighting technology from having a purely decorative/orienting function to becoming real functional lighting. Technically speaking, this innovation is an impressive piece of workmanship!

Advantages of the Eyeleds® PowerEYE® include:
-A recess depth of only 6.5mm, which means the fitting is often thinner than the material in which it will be installed
-Energy savings. An Eyeleds PowerEYE only uses about 1 watt!
-An average life of about 50,000 light hours (equivalent of about 50 years of domestic use) .
-Water- and dustproof (IP67).
-Tested for conditions from -30° to 65° C.
-Fitted with an especially developed super-flat lens of 60° in various stylish stainless-steel housings.
-UV-resistant, unlike the old 5mm LEDs.
-Very easy to install, in accordance with the installation standard (no need for an electrician!)
-You will not burn your hands or clothes when you touch the fitting. The temperature will not exceed 55° C.

Eyeleds® offers 2 versions: one fitting with a fully open lens, and one with a half-open cover Because the Eyeleds® PowerEYE® does not need a recess, the application possibilities are endless. For instance, it is possible to install an Eyeleds® PowerEYE® in: tiles, stairs, walls, skirting boards, below (kitchen) cupboards, under a lean-to, above the garage door or just in your ceiling!

With its professional recessed LED (floor) fittings, Eyeleds® , the brand and business unit of the innovative lighting manufacturer Lighting Partner BV, mainly concentrates on indoor/outdoor floors/paving. With the introduction of its new version -PowerEYE®- Eyeleds® is providing the (garden) architecture industry and interior designers with completely new design opportunities. The LED design fittings are available at trade wholesalers.

About Eyeleds
Eyeleds ® , is a brand and business unit of the innovative lighting manufacturer Lighting Partner BV . With its professional LED (floor) build-in fittings focuses primarily on the indoor/outdoor floor market and provides with its innovation completely new design possibilities to the interior design and (garden) architectural sector.

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