Luminaires | Harsh Enviroment | Jun 12, 2019

G&G Industrial Lighting Introduces VPX Industrial Vaporsealed LED Linear

G&G Industrial Lighting announces the release of the new VPX Industrial Vaporsealed LED Linear, a low-profile, waterproof solution for harsh environments. The VPX is driverless, seamless and IP68 rated. It’s compact 1” round housing is permanently sealed and requires no assembly. This premium vaportight reduces the risk of failure by more than 80% in comparison to traditional models.

The VPX was derived from a need for a high efficiency vaportight that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environments without the need for assembly or maintenance. A seamless extruded housing provides IP68 ingress protection along with excellent chemical and UV resistance without the use of clips, gaskets or seals. By creating a completely sealed housing, the VPX prevents any risk of water intrusion and will not collect debris as commonly found with conventional vaportight options.

By also eliminating the need for a traditional LED driver, VPX is able to connect directly to AC line voltage to drive the LEDs, resulting in higher efficiency, smaller size, longer life and greater reliability. By removing the power source, the overall size of the fixture is significantly decreased, resulting in a much smaller footprint with a lumen density of 150 lumens per cubic inch. The VPX incorporates the highest quality components and the latest LED technology to achieve an efficiency of over 120 lumens per watt and 1250 lumens per foot.

The VPX was engineered for our customers who needed a viable vaportight solution wherecompetitive products notoriously fail, “says Terry Crawley, Vice President of Sales. “G&G’s strength hasalways been in manufacturing high quality lighting products for harsh environments, so by capitalizing on that expertise we are able to provide a differentiated product that meets customers needs and truly redefines what a vaportight should be.”

G&G’s lighting products are proudly Made in America, all of which are engineered, tested,manufactured, assembled and shipped from one facility in Clifton Park, New York. For more information on the VPX, visit

About G&G
Industrial Lighting:
Headquartered in Clifton Park, New York, G&G LED was founded in 2010 to fill industrial lighting needs for high-quality linear LED products, especially those suitable for wet locations and harsh environments. Since its introduction, the company has developed a widespread reputation for innovation and outstanding customer service, while rapidly gaining traction in the car wash, automotive, food processing, restaurant, transportation, industrial and agricultural markets.


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