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Green Creative's Crisp Series 7W High CRI Lamp Is the First LEDA Tier 2 Qualified MR16 Lamp

Green Creative, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer proudly announces its MR16 7W High CRI lamp as being the only Tier 2 qualified MR16 lamp in the Energy Solutions LED Accelerator Program in California.

Featuring a typical CRI 95, R9 95 and R13 95, the MR16 7W High CRI lamp is perfect for applications that demand excellent color rendering. Unlike most high CRI LEDs, the Crisp Series MR16 delivers outstanding color accuracy without sacrificing efficiency. With a typical 465 lumens, this 1:1 halogen form factor lamp has an extremely high 66 LPW efficacy. This is over 50% more efficient than any other high CRI 45-50W replacement MR16. This innovative lamp has already been selected by the Illuminating Engineering Society to appear in the prestigious 2013 Progress Report.

Funded through PG&E, the California LED Accelerator Program (LEDA) works with LED manufacturers and multi-site PG&E customers, primarily in the retail, grocery, restaurant and museum/art gallery sectors, by providing incentives for the replacement of traditional lighting sources with the latest in high-performance LED products. In addition to providing incentives for high-volume retrofit projects, LEDA also offers lighting energy audits, economic analysis, product demonstration, technical product selection, and product specification assistance.

In order to qualify for the LEDA Program, lamps must meet a set of rigorous specification requirements. The lamps are then separated into two tiers, with Tier 2 products achieving a higher performance standard than Tier 1. Green Creative has the most qualified products on the PG&E LEDA list, with a combination of ten PAR and MR models.
The MR16 7W High CRI lamp is the only Tier 2 qualified MR16 on the list which features products from over ten participating manufacturers. This lamp exceeds LEDA’s CRI 90 and 50 LPW efficacy requirements, both of which are more stringent than Energy Star. Green Creative’S MR16 7W High CRI LEDA qualified lamp model comes in 2700K CCT and a NF beam angle.

“It’s impressive that we have hit the Tier 2 mark with our MR16,” says Green Creative’S Utility Program Manager, Erik Bluvas. “The Tier 2 standards were designed to push the market, and I don’t think PG&E expected a manufacturer to reach it so soon. The color quality levels are also exceptional. In my years of field auditing there has always been a strong demand for this, and now Green Creative has clearly set itself apart from the competition with this high CRI MR16.”

PG&E presently offers an incentive of $0.17/kWh saved plus $100/peak kW for Tier 1 products. The stricter Tier 2 incentive level is $0.28/kWh saved plus $100/peak kW, making the rebate for the MR16 7W High CRI one of the highest in the country.

Watch Green Creative’S product video for the MR16 7W High CRI here:

This Crisp Series MR16 7W High CRI is available through Green Creative distributors. For more information on where to purchase the products near you or how to become a distributor, please contact us at: or (866) 774-5433.

Detailed information and data sheet about this new product available here:

For more information on the Energy Solutions LEDA Program visit the home page here:


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