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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 31, 2013

Green Creative's New Crisp Series MR16 7W High CRI LED Lamp Features CRI 95 and 66 LPW Efficacy

Green Creative LLC, the Commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer announces the availability of its new Crisp LED Series MR16 7W High CRI directional lamp. This 45W halogen replacement has a typical CRI 95 and features the latest in LED color rendering technology. Utilizing a unique LED package and bin selection to achieve excellent R1-R14 values, this compact lamp creates true and vibrant colors across the whole spectrum.

LED CRI testing analyzes the chromatic effect of a light source over a scale of 14 standard colors (R1-R14) and assigns each tested color a value (100 is perfect). CRI is then calculated by taking the average of the R1-R8 values. This same CRI number commonly seen on packaging and specification sheets can mislead end users because it only refers to eight of the tested colors.

Although the R9-R14 colors are measured, they have no impact on a lamp’s CRI rating. So while some LEDs claim to have a high CRI, they may do a poor job rendering other key colors. Green Creative’S new MR16 7W High CRI lamp has exceptional R9-R14 values including typical R9 95 and R13 95 ratings. This ensures reds (R9) look richer and skin tones (R13) look natural.

Unlike most high CRI LEDs, the CRISP SERIES MR16 delivers outstanding color rendering without sacrificing efficiency. At 465 lumens, this 1:1 halogen form factor lamp features an extremely high 66 LPW efficacy. This is over 50% more efficient than any other high CRI 45-50W replacement MR16.

When asked about the concept behind the lamp, Green Creative Product Manager, Matt Leonard, responded: “We wanted to make a lamp that coupled high color rendering with high efficacy. End users associate Green Creative lamps with premium technology and industry leading efficiency. We wanted to stay true to that when developing our MR16 High CRI lamp.”

Green Creative designed this lamp specifically for applications that demand accurate color rendering such as retail, food, museums, and art galleries. In the past, these applications had to choose between having either high color rendering or energy saving efficiency. Now they can have both.

The new MR16 7W High CRI comes in 3000K and 2700K CCT as well as narrow flood and flood beam angles, is dimmable, UL listed Class I & II, and backed by a 3 year warranty. ENERGY STAR qualification is currently pending.

Watch Green Creative’S product video further explaining CRI and highlighting the lamp’s specifications and get detailed information and data sheet here:

This product is available through Green Creative distributors. For more information on where to purchase the products near you or how to become a distributor, please contact us at: or (866) 774-5433.

About Green Creative LLC:
Green Creative is a major solid state lighting development and manufacturing company dedicated to bringing to market the latest in LED technology. The company is committed to providing only relevant high performance LED lamps and fixtures that have been rigorously engineered, manufactured and tested for the demanding commercial market. More information about Green Creative is available at For all of the latest updates follow Green Creative on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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