Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

Griven Introduces GRAPH-i-Spot LED Fixture

The new Graph-i-Spot by GRIVEN is about to set a new standard among its LED colour changer series. A super compact single 3W full-colour LED unit that looks like a cut stone and shines like a diamond, Graph-i-Spot is a fully weatherised IP65 powerful fixture.

A new solid state solution that can be easily assembled with other units of its kind in any shape to build a virtual LED screen on almost all surfaces.

Graph-i-Spot can easily blend in any sort of indoor or outdoor environment and can be easily integrated with the existing architecture while shaping a brand new outstanding ambience. Graph-i-Spot can accept any graphic, video or still image coming from a DVI media server or DMX 512 signal and the configuration system can then store and trigger the show to a striking visual effect.

Professional lighting designers worldwide are clearly going to identify Graph-i-Spot as the new artistic medium for their eye catching display where light, colour and image converge to create the extraordinary.

• Resolution                   196 pixel/m2 (maximum)
• Pixel pitch                   70 mm (minimum)
• Colours                        1 billion (30 bit)
• Total Luminous flux    3 LED pixel (RGB) 78 lm
• Optics                         Clear glass / Frosted lens
• Control                       GRAPH-i-COMMUNICATOR AL2020
                                     GRAPH-i-CONVERTER AL2022
• Input source                DVI / DMX 512 protocol
• Input resolution          640x480 @ 60 Hz / 800x600 @ 60 Hz / 1024x768 @ 60 Hz
• Power consumption    4W
• Power input 100 ÷      240 VAC, 50-60Hz
• Outdoor protection     IP65
• Standards                   CE listed
• Operating limits         -10°C ÷ 40°C
• Housing                     Aluminium
• Weight                       400 gr

The advertising literature of this product can be downloaded at this link: Graph-i-Spot