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Healthe® New SunTrac™ A19 Seamlessly Transitions Between GoodDay® and GoodNight® Spectrums

Healthe® is excited to announce the launch of SunTrac™ A19, a product that combines engineered spectrums that have been optimized for both daytime and nighttime use into a single, dynamic, circadian lamp. Based on market demand, Healthe combined its proprietary GoodDay® and Goodnight® spectrums, which have been available this past year as separate products, into a single, easy-to-use, form factor. Now, consumers can benefit from both the energy-enhancing GoodDay spectrum during the day and the sleep-promoting GoodNight spectrum at nighttime by simply installing this one bulb.

The SunTrac A19's three presets – GoodDay, Afternoon and GoodNight – mimic sunlight throughout the day, enhancing the wake-sleep cycle for improved health and well-being. Alternatively, users can take advantage of customizable settings to create the circadian cycle that is best for them and their daily schedule. Like the entire SunTrac line, the SunTrac A19 is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of control mechanisms, enabling consumers to enjoy the right light at the right time.

The SunTrac A19 can replace any E26, Edison-based bulb that is commonly used in standard lamps and fixtures.

"The unique benefit of this new product is that it can easily be tailored to the time of sunrise and sunset at each user's location," said Holly Prievo, Product Manager for the SunTrac A19. "Currently, dynamic lighting products can be complicated to use. Our A19 lamp provides users the choice of unmatched simplicity or virtually unlimited flexibility, depending on each user's individual preference. A user can easily sync all the lighting in their home to the cycle of the sun in a "set it and forget it" manner, letting our technology work for them 24-hours a day. Or a user can assert greater control on a room-to-room, fixture-to-fixture basis to reflect one's personalized schedule."

To enable spectral control capabilities, including spectral transitions and dimming, SunTrac A19 can be paired with the SunTrac Wireless Switch or SunTrac App, both of which can also be used with groups of other SunTrac products. Alternatively, the SunTrac A19 can be automatically synchronized with daylight cycle using the recently launched SunLync™, a GPS-enabled control device.

Healthe lighting products deliver circadian well-being for building occupants with their proprietary, engineered spectra. The GoodDay spectrum is blue-enriched at 480 nanometers (nm), the peak wavelength for the body's circadian sensitivity. GoodDay simulates the blue in natural sunlight, helps increase alertness and has the potential to improve productivity during the day. The GoodNight spectrum, which is blue-depleted at 480 nm, promotes the body's natural response to sunset and ultimately sleep.

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