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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 13, 2010

HEICO Lighting™ Expandis its Contactless LED Series

HEICO Lighting™ has released the D-LEDbar, expanding its Contactless LED Series into a new product line that adds flexibility and ease-of-installation to its unique induction technology. Easier than ever for casinos, hotels, resorts, and commercial and residential applications. D-LEDbar™ can also be used in a variety of retail and architectural applications such as display lighting, cove lighting, accents & perimeters, kitchen countertops, refrigerated displays, glass door freezers, task lighting, etc.

With extended operations to stop wasteful spending on energy and maintenance, its broad range of light intensity and colors as well as its modular design approach makes this product a simple and effective solution in all respects. Moreover, with its multiple mounting options this system can be customized to fit all needs.

With the launch of the D-LEDbar™, the most energy efficient LED Lighting System, energy consumption is reduced by up to 79% compared to T12HO (6x60”) fluorescent. It can consume as little as 0.78 watts / foot and produce higher lux level / watt of energy used when compared to fluorescent.

• More than 90% efficiency
• Equal pitch - mechanically always equal
• Dimmable
• Low-voltage Class II Power Supply
• Plug-&-play connection for a simple easy installation
• Indisputable paybacks based on the cost of product, comparative energy and maintenance costs for wingspan lighting projects
• Corrosion free
• Superior brightness
• Rated life of + 50 000 Hours
• No heat produced
• Unique technology
• Top-class quality - Canadian product
• Does not contain mercury or glass

D-LEDbars™ are now available in 1’ – 8’ lengths with angles of: 0°, 15°, 30°, 90° Right, 90° Left

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