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Herman Miller Table Lamp "Leaf Personal Light" wins accolades at CES 2007

The Leaf Personal Light, an LED lamp designed by Yves Behar of fuseproject in San Francisco and sold by Herman Miller, received accolades for its innovative and environmentally friendly design at CES 2007.

The leaf personal light uses innovative LED technology to bring the human touch to lighting. Leaf lets the person manage lighting intensity, color, and on/off by simply touching the intuitive controls. Sleek, energy-efficient, and very adjustable, Leaf is designed for the office and living areas. It is a cool and compelling way to illuminate work or set a mood.

LED Technology
- Chips, not bulbs. Leaf uses 20 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for illumination; 10 chips are blue-white (cool) and 10 are yellow-white (warm).
- Personal control. Touch to turn on/off; slide a finger along a groove in the base to adjust intensity and achieve the desired blend of warm and cool light.
- Good memory. When turned on, the light retains the previous color and intensity settings.
- Energy efficient. Uses 8-9 watts of power, or 40 percent less than a compact fluorescent bulb.
- Long life. Allows up to 100,000 hours of use, eight times longer than conventional light sources.

Spirited Design
- Elegant profile. Blades are thin and sculptural, giving the light an organic form.
- Cool and quiet. Innovative heat-dissipating design keeps the light cool to the touch without a fan.
- Finish choices. Five colors to coordinate with a variety of settings; black, white, red, nickel, polished.

Very Adjustable
- Lower blade. Rotates 180 degrees and pivots 27.5 degrees forward and 23 degrees backward.
- Upper blade. Pivots 210 degrees to extend for direct lighting or to fold for subtle, ambient lighting.

Design Story

"A new experience in light is what we hoped for," says Yves Behar, designer of the Leaf personal light for Herman Miller. As a result of innovative engineering and design development, Behar's hopes became reality.
Leaf offers maximum lighting options with minimal mass in an intriguing, organic form and with controls that invite human connection. The proprietary technology also addresses the most vexing problems in existing LED solutions--light intensity and heat build-up.
"Leaf is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express light's magical and sensory variations," says Behar. "It allows the human senses to become engaged by allowing the user to choose the intensity and color of light which best suits a functional need, mood, or location."
In addition, Leaf was developed according to Herman Miller's demanding Design for the Environment (DfE) protocol, emphasizing sustainable processes, materials, and recyclability. Leaf's environmental impact is perhaps most profound through its use. On average, Leaf's LEDs consume approximately eight to nine watts of power, carry a lifespan up to 100,000 hours, and cut energy use by 40 percent compared to compact fluorescent bulbs.

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