Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 01, 2013

Jenoptik To Present Increased-Efficiency LED Hall Luminaire at efa Fair

At the efa trade fair for building systems and electrical engineering in Leipzig Jenoptik will show the latest development in the Lucid LED lighting range for industrial purposes. The new Lucid arena pro is 25 percent brighter than the base type. A dimmable version supports building automation concepts.

LED lights save energy and ensure more safety without light smog. For the first time ever at efa, the trade fair for building systems and electrical engineering, Jenoptik will be presenting its latest development in the Lucid LED range of industrial luminaires. The Lucid arena pro was devised to provide lighting in taller buildings. It offers a 25 percent increase in brightness while consuming a mere 10 percent more power compared to the established Lucid high bay model, which was developed to provide lighting for high racks and commercial buildings.

Extremely energy efficient, the Lucid arena pro outputs over 100 lumen per watt while keeping heat development and power consumption low. As a result, the number of luminaires needed in one building can be reduced considerably. Depending on the project, the luminaires promises short amortization periods of less than two years.

The Lucid arena pro industrial luminaire can be fitted with a DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) control system if this option is required, which makes it suitable for use in building automation concepts. The DALI control system allows users to make appropriate settings for scenarios such as timed lighting changes or variable workplace situations.

The Lucid arena pro is available in two different versions: with an elliptical light cone for storerooms with aisles, and with circular lighting for factory buildings, sports halls and commercial premises. Customers have the choice of cool white, daylight white, normal white or warm white when selecting the color temperature. The luminaire is resistant to temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius and prevented from overheating in warmer surroundings by the metal heat sink. It has a lifespan of 60,000 operating hours, is low-maintenance and suitable for both new installations and conversion projects. It meets the requirements of protection class IP66.

Jenoptik in Triptis, Germany, is a well-established partner within the lighting industry. One of their main expertises is the design and production of integrated modules and polymer-based optics for the optimization of light distribution, which Jenoptik uses in the Lucid LED lighting range. Customers also benefit from expert lighting planning, feasibility studies and customer service.

About the Jenoptik Business Unit Optoelectronic Systems:
As an integrated optoelectronics group, Jenoptik operates in five divisions: Lasers & Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems. Its customers around the world mainly include companies in the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, automotive and automotive supplier industry, medical technology, security and defense technology as well as the aviation industry.
The Optoelectronic Systems business unit, as part of the Jenoptik Optical Systems division, is provider of integrated opto-electronic system solutions. The business unit has competencies in development of optics, electronics and software, and owns manufacturing technologies for producing polymer-based optical and electronic components and modules as well as assembly technologies for complete devices. The Optoelectronic Systems business unit can realize all important stages of the value-added chain for system integration – from development and design to prototype production through supply chain management and series production.


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