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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 15, 2009

LED Lighting Product Series Featuring Stepless Phase-Dimming Function

With the commitment to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow, Delta Electronics, Inc. announced today that it has completed the development of a full line of advanced energy-saving LED lighting products.

The company demonstrated a portfolio of 14 new products that cover functional as well as indoor and outdoor applications at its headquarters in Taipei. The new line of products include outdoor streetlights that have the highest efficiency among all comparable Taiwan products, a line of functional lighting products that feature the world's first embedded full-range stepless phase dimming function, and dimmable indoor lighting products that are highly compatible with existing lighting fixtures.

Raymond Hsu, senior vice president and general manager of Delta's Components Business Group, pointed out, "Delta is dedicated to pursuing energy efficiency and carbon reduction by focusing our technology innovation in two main areas: renewable energy and LED applications. LED products have quickly penetrated into our daily lives and people are more willing to accept new energy-saving products as their environmental awareness rises. Delta has introduced a line of advanced LED lighting products for both indoor and outdoor applications that is based on its capabilities and experiences in the optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical fields. These new products confirm Delta's commitment to developing energy-saving solutions."
Roland Chiang, director of Delta's Solid-State Lighting Department, Components Business Group, commented, "What we offer are products designed to focus on technical aspects such as efficiency, safety, reasonable cost, recycling, design and appearance, as well as user-friendly features that shortens the gap between technology and people."
The LED lighting products Delta announced and presented are categorized into three major areas: outdoor lighting, functional lighting, and indoor lighting. All provide advantages in high efficiency and ease-of-use.
Outdoor Lighting:
SLDT Series - Made for outdoor lighting, the SLDT series are open-structure 8-meter high street lights. Of all mass-produced streetlight products tested in Taiwan, these are the most efficient. The lights are cooled by natural air convection and are modularized for replacement fitting different regulations and optical requirements. The modules greatly increase the ease of shipping and assembly and save manpower and maintenance time.
SLDN Series – The SLDN Series are closed-structure lighting for streets that are 8 meters high or less. The industrial design of this series uses interchangeable heat pipes for natural air convection, and lighting modules that allow changing lenses for optical conditions. The SLDN Series are a result of cross-industry collaboration between Taiwan's Neng Tyi Precision Industries Co., Ltd., Lustrous International Technology Ltd., and Delta, using Nengtyi's newest thermal solutions and Lustrous' packaged LEDs.
Solar-LED Pathway Lighting - This stand-alone Solar-LED Pathway Lighting provides light to areas with a limited supply of electricity. It is equipped with features such as temperature compensation to lengthen battery life while keeping the same amount of light emission. Other features include smart energy-saving designs by remote control, motion-sensing, daylight-nighttime-sensing, and max-power tracking.
Functional Lighting:
Functional lighting products feature high brightness uniformity, embedded full-range stepless phase-dimming (dimmable using directly and only the traditional fixture dimmer), a full range of options, and power factor correction (PFC).
Full-range stepless phase-dimming - Delta's new LED lighting products have the world's first available embedded full-range stepless phase-dimming function. Similar products on the market require an external dimmer controller which increases weight and required space, whereas Detla's products are embedded and free from complicated installation and extra materials.
High brightness uniformity - This enhances visibility in real life applications.
Full-range of options - This increases user flexibility for use in different occasions.
Power factor correction - PFC ensures actual energy savings.
Indoor Lighting:
Also called general lighting, this is used in general office buildings and households. Delta's featured products included office OA, T8 tube, and E27 screw-base bulbs, all designed to fit compatibly with existing lighting fixtures to facilitate direct replacement by end users. Similar to other Delta LED lighting products, these indoor products also have advantages such as high efficiency, high lumen efficiency, and great optical qualities. The E27 screw-base bulbs are also equipped with embedded full-range stepless phase-dimming functions. The office OA products are step-dimmable (3-step) to allow users to choose their preferred brightness levels.
About Delta Electronics:
Established in 1971, Delta Electronics develops and manufactures products with the mission to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow. Its dedication to environmental protection and energy saving is recognized around the world. Delta's recent R&D breakthroughs include a PV inverter with efficiency as high as 98%, and a III-V CPV system with the remarkable conversion rate of 38% for chip and 28% for module.

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