Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010

LED Surface Lighting Lamp for Efficient Lighting

With LEDLUX® plane LS Insta has expanded the range of LED surface lighting lamps by one highintensity version which was developed especially for lighting tasks. With a luminous efficiency of more than 60 Lumen/Watt LEDLUX® plane LS meets the current demand for efficient LED lighting solutions.

LEDLUX® plane LS is supplied as PCB mounted into a plastic cassette and is available in the dimensions 187 x 187 and 187x87 mm. Possible light colours are warm white (typ. 2900 K) and neutral white (typ. 5100 K). Mounted in the grid the neutral white version provides a light current of about 13500 Lumen per square metre, the warm white version provides about 9500 Lumen per square metre. Both versions have a power consumption of only about 210 Watt. Typical applications are luminous ceilings, luminous walls and background lighting of goods displays in bright surroundings.
LEDLUX® plane LS has no own data interface, but is dimmable with the common external control devices (e.g. DMX-PWM converter). By incorporating a data lead and use of identical plug connectors, the LEDLUX® plane LS can easily be combined with LED-modules of the LEDTRIX® system.
Within short, the luminous data of LEDLUX® plane LS will also be available as online update for the Insta catalogue of the light planning software DIALux.
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