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Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 11, 2010

LedEngin Adds PAR30 Lamps to LuxPAR™ Lamp Family

LedEngin, Inc., a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting products for commercial buildings, LEED construction, restaurants, casinos and museums, expands LuxPARTM family of high quality, energy-efficient LED PAR lamps with the addition of PAR30 lamps. As with LuxPAR38 and LuxPAR20 lamps, the company’s new LuxPAR30 lamps are available in a full range of color temperatures and beam distributions. The company’s PAR lamps feature LedEngin proprietary LED components and optical designs that deliver highest Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP), superior light quality and uniformity across the light beam and color consistency over time that is 10 times better than demanded by Energy Star requirements. LuxPAR lamps offer significant energy savings as compared with traditional halogen lamps.

 “With the introduction of LuxPAR30 lamps, we have now completed our PAR lamp product family.  The PAR lamp series coupled with our MR-16 offering will enable our customers the flexibility to customize unique, high quality lighting creating a consistent look and quality of light throughout installations” said David Tahmassebi Chief Executive Officer, LedEngin, Inc. 

LedEngin LuxPAR 30 lamp key features include:
• Maximum “Lux on Target”: Highest quality light where needed with well-controlled beams and minimal discomfort glare.
• Superior light intensity and color uniformity throughout beam with patented optical design.
• Crisp illumination without excess shadowing or fringes due to single package LED / single lens integration.
• Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) of up to 3000cd in narrow flood beam.
• 50 lm/W efficacy exceeds Energy Star requirements for PAR30 replacement lamps.
• Exceeds 80% energy reduction as compared with 60W halogen lamps.
• Color point stability 10x the performance demanded by Energy Star
• Color temperature options include 2700, 2900, 3100 & 4100 Kelvin.
• Optical distribution options include narrow flood and flood beams.
• Dimmable and non-dimmable options.

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About LedEngin, Inc.:
LedEngin, Inc. is a California-based solid-state lighting company specializing in ultra-bright, ultra-compact LED components capable of emitting 4,000+ lumens in a single package, delivering extreme flux density and industry-leading reliability. The company's family of LED replacement lamps and lighting modules provide superior quality light in down light applications equivalent to 35W to 90W halogen lamps. LedEngin commercially available LED component products range from 3W to 80W in white, direct colors, RGB, RGBA, RGBW, Far Red, Deep Red, Dental Blue and UV. Products are sold directly and through select distributors.

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Dear Sir,
We have LED lights with UL, CE and RoHs on spot lamp, light bulb, down light and high bay light.
JIESEN LED LIGHTING is a China-based company selling high quality LED lighting products produced by our select partners who are professional lighting manufacturers at country.
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Thank you.
Best Regards.
Tony (Sales Representative)
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