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Ledvance Expands Its Current Portfolio of TruSys Trunking Systems

With the extension of the portfolio by the new TruSys Performance, LEDVANCE expands its wide range of attractive lighting solutions for factories, workshops and warehouses even further. The luminaires in the TruSys Performance series offer a very high system efficacy and life span, as well as quick and easy installation and a good price-performance ratio. LEDVANCE is launching the TruSys PFM On/Off and the TruSys PFM DALI to the market in September 2019, the TruSys PFM EM, the emergency version, will follow in December 2019.

In the industrial environment, lighting can be quite complex and faces particular challenges: a well-balanced illumination and an optimal brightness level are essential for the establishment of a safe, comfortable and productive work environment. At the same time, lighting in industrial applications is made for long operating hours. Therefore, it needs to be highly flexible, so that it can be quickly and easily adapted to the complex conditions and layout changes, minimizing potential production downtime. The new TruSys Performance luminaires, the latest addition to the TruSys product family of trunking systems from Ledvance, are optimally suited for these requirements. The luminaires can be mounted quickly and easily without any additional tools through a click into place solution, and the smart click buttons provide easier demounting. Also, with only one access point the number of luminaires that can be installed in line are limited only by the type of circuit breaker.

Three different models

The expansion of the existing TruSys product family consists of the three different models TruSys Performance On/Off, TruSys Performance DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and the TruSys Performance EM (emergency). All of the new luminaires generate up to 11,200 lumens with a colour temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. Additionally, they have a very high system efficacy of up to 160 lumen per watt and an above average lifespan L80/B10 with up to 60,000 hours. Besides the TruSys Perfomance On/Off, Ledvance also launches the TruSys Performance DALI model, which is dimmable and offers the possibility to add connectivity and intelligence to the luminaires as they can be extended with external presence and daylight sensors, enabling daylight and occupancy-dependent operation. This version is compatible with a central battery system for emergency lighting. The third model, the TruSys Performance EM, provides an emergency lighting option for self-contained operation, and is applicable as single luminaire solution designed for three hours of operating time in the event of a power failure. Ledvance provides a three-year guarantee for all three models.

With four beam angles (very wide 120°, wide 90°, narrow 60°, very narrow 30°) and three different lumen packets (5,600 lm, 8,000 lm or 11,200 lm) the TruSys Performance series can cope with different heights up to 10 meters in industrial buildings as the luminaires provide the required illuminance and uniformity defined in the process of lighting . Trunking system luminaire modules featuring narrow-beam optics, for example, can be used in high-bay warehouses with high ceilings to illuminate the shelf fronts with at least 200 lux on average, while wide-beam optics are ideal for workshops or factories with low ceilings as they provide uniform illumination.

New features offer even more advantages

The new Ledvance TruSys Performance portfolio offers various additional advantages. It does not only convince by a great price/performance ratio, but also by an even easier mounting and dismounting. Like the existing trunking system from Ledvance, the Performance models also consist of mounting rails and extremely flat linear luminaires, which can be quickly clicked into place – as a continuous or intermittent lighting strip. The difference lies in the material of the housing and the diffuser. The housing of the existing luminaires portfolio is made of lightweight anodized aluminum, the housing of the new models comes in high-quality steel sheet.  Also, the material of the diffusor has been upgraded from PC to tough and lightweight PMMA, resulting in a better performance in terms of UV-resistance and efficiency.

Matching energy rail and accessories

Besides the three versions of 1.5 meters long high-quality luminaires, the new Ledvance TruSys Perfomance portfolio also consists of matching 1.5 and 3 meters long energy rails and a selection of the most frequently used accessories. A well-organized cable system, with 5 and 8 pole options, as well as a mechanical and electrical connector for easy mounting are included in the energy rail. Part of the Performance portfolio are also two 1.5 meter energy rails (END), and 5 and 8 pole, to close a line seamlessly. The set of accessories consists of different types of quick-fix brackets for mounting rails on ceilings or grid ceiling surfaces, as well as adjustable ropes or brackets, plus hooks for the suspension mounting of energy rails. The mounting brackets are recessed in the rails and therefore almost invisible from the outside, which adds to TruSys' clean appearance. Blind covers serve the purpose to cover a gap in the light row.

The TruSys PFM luminaires are marketed via wholesalers for lighting professionals under the Ledvance brand.

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