Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 26, 2014

Lextar to Unveil Novel LED Point-Light Candle Lamp at Light+Building

Lextar Electronics Corp. announces its LED point-light candle lamp based on its significant advances made recently in light source design. This new candle lamp illuminates objects from a small pointed light source. It spreads outward in all directions as wide as nearly 360 degree, giving identically glowing effects to the starlight. The Company will debut this new product at “Light + Building Frankfurt 2014” from March 30th through April 4th.

This newly launched point-light candle lamp, as distinct from comparable products with filament appearance currently available in the market, features a miniaturized light source, said the Company. It uses transparent sapphire substrate that allows LED lights to have a wide beam spread of nearly 360 degree, creating glamorous light identical to glowing starlight. Besides, it produces 200 lumens to bring in equivalent starlight gently with low glare. If held in a chandelier, the bulb not only radiates sophistication with bright and crisp light, but enhances the crystal’s projection of polyhedron in the setting, creating a magnificent illusion. This new starry point-light candle lamp uses in-house high-brightness LED chips and adopts the latest packaging and SMD techniques which visualized miniaturization of LED packaging. The sapphire substrate and unique mechanical design then enable wider beam spread of nearly 360 degree for most exquisite illumination.

“Rapid escalation of competition is obvious with fierce price rivalry and various standards of products in the LED retrofit market at the moment”, noted Francis Wong, director of lighting applications division of Lextar. Under the circumstances, the Company keeps its retrofit product development in niche products, including high efficiency tubes, eT8 electrical ballast compatible tubes, driver-outside tubes for safety purposes, and omni-directional LED bulbs for aesthetic design. With collaboration of its industrial design team and the technical advantage of vertically integrated operation, Lextar this time unveils this starry LED point-light candle lamp that enhanced added value of LED light source, specifically aimed at customers who are seeking fascinating indoor lighting. This product will be commercial available in Q2.

"Light+Building Frankfurt 2014" continues to be the leading lighting show in Europe that takes place every two years. This is the third time Lextar participates in this show.

Visit to know more about Lextar's exhibit at Light+Building 2014.

About Lextar Electronics:
Lextar Electronics Corp. (TAIEX 3698), founded on May 23, 2008, is a subsidiary of AU Optronics. It specializes in manufacturing high-brightness LED epi wafers, chips and packages, as well as energy-saving and smart lighting products. The range of applications includes LCD backlighting, LED light module, LED light source and luminaires. Lextar officially acquired LightHouse Technology Inc. in March 2010, and Wellypower Optronics in February 2013. The company now houses nearly 3,500 employees and its headquarters is in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Its manufacturing plants are located in the Hsinchu Science Park, Hukou Industrial Park and Chunan Science Park in Taiwan, and Suzhou and Xiamen in China. Lextar’s turnover in 2013: USD 462 million. Corporate website:


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