Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

Light instead of weight – Nimbus extends SMD LED luminaire series further

“LEDs are replacing incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps. In ten years there will hardly be a conventional light source on the market,” forecasts Nimbus director Dietrich Brennenstuhl. As a consequence Nimbus extends SMD LED luminaire series.

• SMD LEDs provide light for 50,000 hours – or 11 years of continuous operation
• New XL version of the “Line Z” work lamp – range of LED ceiling modules extended

With lighting modules in various sizes and the ‘Line Z’ in the XL size, the SMD-LED luminaire family from Nimbus has continued to grow. Formally and technically, the powerful SMD LEDs leave conventional light emitting diodes far behind them and, thanks to a large number of outstanding features, Dietrich Brennenstuhl says they are the “light source of the future par excellence.” For the first time ever, in the spring of 2007 the Q400 module was put to use in large quantities as a ceiling luminaire in a large project.

SMD LED is an enhancement of LED technology that stands for “Surface Mounted Device”, i.e. wireless diodes soldered directly onto pc boards. Thanks to their low overall height, minimum heat generation and their low maintenance requirement, they permit installation in previously unsuitable materials and in previously inaccessible locations.

With a minimum of material, powerful and, at the same time, extremely slim products have come into being such as the Line C pendant lamp or the finely curved Line Z desk lamp, now in a new version consisting of the slightly larger Line Z XL variant. The Q modules, of differing sizes, made of acrylic glass and featuring tapered holes, ensure even ceiling lighting. By virtue of the fact that the LEDs diffuse light is coupled into the diffuser plate, the square luminaires are like pure luminous bodies with their finely rounded edges.

With up to 50,000 hours of operation, the luminaires equipped with SMD LEDs are extremely long-lived – one of the great advantages of this light source. Also with regard to light quality and colour, this technology has achieved a quantum leap. The current SMD LEDs are clearly warmer in terms of their light quality and are no longer distinguishable from fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps in terms of their lighting effect.
About Nimbus:
Nimbus now stands for a technically and aesthetically sophisticated range of luminaires for the home and the contract bracket. These are luminaires that have got it in them to become classics, while at the same time relying on future technologies. For example, such successful series as Office Air and, recently, the extremely filigree Line C and Line Z luminaires based on SMD LED technology arose in this creative field of tension. Nimbus also stands for eighty highly motivated employees and the managing director Dietrich Brennenstuhl, who is always pushing ahead with his creativity. Nimbus is also related to two decades of experience, a considerable portion of passion, plenty of good ideas and even more love for detail. All of this together has ensured that the venture has transformed in the course of two decades from being a comparatively small luminaire manufactory to becoming a medium-sized high-tech enterprise. And although it produces large quantities nowadays, Nimbus has retained the likeable traits of a manufactory, i.e. it is conscious of quality and just that little bit unmistakeable.