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Task Lights | Human Centric Lighting | Systems + Applications | Luminaires | Nov 02, 2018

Lighting Science Brings Dual-Spectrum Technology to the Palm of Your Hand

Lighting Science, a pioneer in biological LED lighting, is excited to announce the newest addition to its family of circadian lighting products. JOURNI™, a portable and versatile LED task light, provides engineered spectrums designed for circadian regulation in one convenient device. Whether you are a jet-setter or a college student pulling an all-nighter, the appropriate JOURNI setting enables you to sync your circadian rhythm – either to boost wakefulness and productivity or to wind down and prepare for sleep.

JOURNI™, the scientifically advanced and compact light, integrates 20 years of circadian neuroscience into a device that gives you control over your sleep/wake cycle, no matter where you are. Designed to slide easily into a computer bag, backpack or suitcase, JOURNI is the perfect light for busy business executives, travelers, students or anyone looking to feel their best while on the go.

The engineered, dual-spectrum circadian technology of JOURNI means you always have the right light for the right time. JOURNI allows you to easily change from the blue-enriched spectrum of Lighting Science’s patented GoodDay® technology that boosts energy and performance to the blue-depleted spectrum of the GoodNight® technology to promote a more restful night’s sleep.

Crafted from aluminum alloy, JOURNI’s modern space-gray body comes with a versatile magnetic black leather cover that protects the lamp and doubles as a multi-position stand to allow the user to control light direction. JOURNI can be positioned to create a stream of light for focused tasks such as reading, or redirected to provide soft, ambient illumination. The dimming adjustment feature allows you to control the exact setting you desire while providing high-quality, energy-efficient light.

Smith Johnston, M.D., Flight Surgeon, Board-certified Preventive and Aerospace Medicine Specialist, and Scientific Advisor to Lighting Science, has embraced the multi-faceted benefits of JOURNI, stating, “The dual spectrums are ideal for world traveling executives, athletes, pilots, and even astronauts, who face multiple light/dark cycles, but must always work at peak performance and optimal health. Personally, I’ve traveled with Lighting Science’s Sleepy Baby bulb and have changed the hotel light source to ensure a good night’s sleep, or to get back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. I’m thrilled that I can now pack JOURNI to help shift my circadian clock, wherever I am – like on an airplane!”

JOURNI is a sleek, battery-operated circadian lighting solution that offers unmatched utility and portability for all-day lighting that works with your body’s biological rhythms, without boundaries. The JOURNI Mobile Task Light is available for purchase on and will soon be available on Amazon.

About Lighting Science:

Lighting Science is a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent products for consumer and commercial applications. Lighting Science is creating biological, horticultural and urban lighting solutions with products such as GoodNight®, GoodDay®, and Sleepy Baby® LED bulbs and the groundbreaking horticulture light, the GroBar™. Lighting Science has won numerous awards, including several Edison Awards, Sapphire Awards, Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Sustainability Awards and an IES Illumination Award. For their patented technology products, Lighting Science won Popular Science Magazine’s 2016 Best of What’s New Award, Architect’s Newspaper Best Products of 2016, and Architectural Record 2016 Product of the Year. Lighting Science holds more than 400 patents and is experimenting with new uses for LEDs focused on human-centric solutions. Lighting Science is headquartered in Rhode Island, with research and development facilities in Florida. Learn more at


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