Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 31, 2012

Lighting Science Group Launches European's Ultra-Efficient LED MR16 50-Watt Equivalent Bulb

Lighting Science Group, the world's premier LED lighting manufacturer, announced the European launch of a revolutionary high output 8-watt LED MR16 bulb that is a direct replacement for traditional MR16 50-watt halogen bulbs. Suited to a variety of applications that require directional lighting—such as track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, desk lamps, pendant fixtures and retail display lighting—the DEFINITY™ MR16 HO LED bulb will be the first of its kind introduced to the marketplace, and considered the best of its breed when evaluated by metrics of efficiency, lumen output and form factor.

The degree of difficulty involved in managing the MR16's discreet size and internal power supply and the intense requirements for brightness of a 50-watt equivalent renders its design and manufacture a complex challenge. Competitive attempts at reaching these high levels of performance have resulted in concessions that have been viewed as unacceptable to the market. No such sacrifice is required with the Definity MR16 HO Series.

At only 8 watts and a 25,000 hour life rating, Lighting Science Group's new DEFINITY™ MR16 HO LED bulb is up to 33% more efficient than competitive products while staying within the industry accepted form factor and not using any moving parts like fans to achieve its superior performance. "A commitment to superior technology underwrites all Lighting Science Group operations; that's why our customers can rest assured that they're offered the most advanced and widest selection of LED lighting products," said Steve Marton, Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Company. "We believe that our new MR16 HO, which couples unparalleled efficiency and incredible performance, is a significant advancement in the science of light and another step forward in the development of a more efficient, sustainable and brighter energy future."

The new bulb joins the Company's suite of products that have found applications ranging from use in NASA outer space ventures; to artistic designs that span skyscraper silhouettes; to everyday, practical implementations for European homes and businesses that save families and business owners significant amounts of money on electricity bills. On the global stage, Lighting Science Group has become synonymous with the ultra-efficient lighting revolution, and in US the Company is most commonly viewed as the fulfillment of America's clean technology promise. To find your nearest sales location for Lighting Science Group's DEFINITY™ bulbs, visit:

About Lighting Science Group:
Lighting Science Group Corporation (OTCBB: LSCG) designs, develops, manufactures and markets LED lighting solutions that are environmentally friendlier and more energy efficient than traditional lighting products. Lighting Science Group offers retrofit LED lamps in form factors that match those of traditional lamps or bulbs and LED luminaires designed for a range of applications including public and private infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor use. Lighting Science Group's Advanced Projects Group business unit designs, develops and manufactures custom LED lighting solutions for architectural and artistic projects. Lighting Science Group is headquartered in Satellite Beach, Florida; the Company's European operations are based in Middelburg, The Netherlands; and the Company has a sales office in Sydney, Australia. Lighting Science Group employs approximately 1000 workers building lighting products from domestic and imported parts. Lighting Science Group is a Pegasus Capital Advisors portfolio company. More information about Lighting Science Group is available at